I am part of the Influenster Vox Box , If you haven’t heard of it it’s a great way to get new products and try them out for free! All they ask in return is that you complete some simple tasks on reviewing the products and sharing your opinions with social media. Ths is the first time I have received a Vox Box. I got the Nurture Box. The product I am holding in my hand is the ATTITUDE 2 in 1 shampoo and body wash.

I received it free from #influenster from #attitudeliving. You can check out on facebook  I have to say the product was good. I personally don’t care for it for my hair it makes me have super wild crazy volume. As a body wash it is great. Perfect for me or my kids. @ATTITUDEliving and @Influenster. and you can try out the entire line of ATTITUDE products @attitudeattarget (Target)


Disney Freebie!!


Who doesn’t like a good freebie!! Who doesn’t like Disney!! I stumbled across this Freebie in my email and had to try it out. I am always a skeptic and wondered what is the catch. There was no catch exactly…. The whole thing was 100% free only thing was if you wanted to unlock the extra content you had to fill out a small “whats your name and email” that’s all.

So what do you get for FREE?  A Disney Family Car Decal. How cool is that!!.

Its super simple and a fun way to get the family involved in picking out what they will wear on the dream vacation!!


The other great thing is not only do you get a decal for your car or truck you can download your decal photo to your computer to have. I will be honest i have mine as my background for my laptop.  Hope you enjoy this and I wish you all the best and a future happy vacation to Disney!!! Get your Decal Here Build Your Disney Side

I have a Brand New Facebook Group Page set up Just for my Blog I would love to see your Decal photos so please join the group and share with us!! MoodyNews on Facebook

I have a Pinterest board set up for ” My Disney Side” I would love to see your family decals!!

How to share your decal with me on Pinterest:

First find me on Pinterest 🙂

Follow me on Pinterest

Shoot me a message that you are following and want to be added to the Disney Side Board

I can’t wait to see your decals!!

I Cannot Call You Anymore…

Best Friends   It has been two years since we last spoke. Our last conversation was a little bit one sided, mainly me talking and you listening. I told you it was okay to go. Those words are still ringing in my ears to this day. I cannot call you and catch up, I cannot sit and visit with you just like I use to, I cannot share moments I want to share with you. The first year was rough and my life was a mess.  It’s still a mess , but getting better each day. When a good moment came I would reach for my Phone and dial your number and it would always automatically go to voice mail. I couldn’t leave a message it just wasn’t possible. I keep your photos around the house and I smile when I look at them.I keep one photo close to my bed and it is the last thing I see before I close my eyes and the first when I wake.  I have written a few letters just to get what I need off my chest, but the post office cannot deliver them. I wear your old t-shirt and I admit it makes me feel closer to you. I even catch you in some of my dreams, you  walk through with out saying much, sometimes you give me advice and other times you may be hiding in the crowd. Here is a letter I wanted to send to you today…


So much has changed since you have been gone. I know you are in a  better place and I am so glad that you are with family and friends. I know you are looking down and I know you are listening. I can hear your words of advice ringing in my ears. I hear your voice come straight out of my mouth and at times I catch a glimpse of you starring back at me in the mirror. I miss you so much.

I am so sorry for the times I didn’t pick up the phone and call you. I am sorry for the times I didn’t answer when you called. I thought I was too busy or that I had time, I was wrong. It’s normal to think there will be time, but we have no clue of how much time each of us have.

I want you to know I fought for my happiness. I know we talked about it and you knew I was scared. I know you already know this, but it was worth the battle. I found happiness and I am still in a fight, but I won’t give in. I want to thank you for for all the advice you gave me even the advice I didn’t listen to. Thank you for always being that phone call away and for calling me faithfully even when I didn’t answer. Thank you for my amazing family without them I don’t think I would be as strong as I am.

Today Makes two years and to be honest it feels like I should still be able to pick up the phone and call you. Believe me I tried. You left a mark on the world, whether you know it or not, you left broken hearts that have grown stronger just from knowing you and remembering you. I will always remember you and I will always love you.

Sorry if this letter seems a bit scattered it is not easy to get the words out. I want to make a promise that I will do all I can for my children as you did for us. I know there were sacrifices you made that I didn’t know as a child and the same goes for my children. I thought you was wrong on many occasions and I now know I was wrong. Thank you for all the love even when it wasn’t spoken, we always knew you loved us no matter what. Thank you for not following up with your threat of scrubbing off my Tattoo with a wire brush that would have hurt. Thank you for all the burnt cheese toast.  Thank you for The laughs, the tears, and the hugs. Thank you for letting me make my mistakes and being there when I realized what they were and needed help fixing them.

Thank you so much for all that you did and for continuing to watch over us.


Your daughter Jeana

It has been Two years since my mother lost her fight with breast cancer. It was aggressive and left us blind sided.  I will always miss her, but I will always have her. Time is a irrelevant  and you do not have any so do not kid yourself into thinking you do. Be happy and make others happy through your happiness it’s contagious. If your kids are small and want you to act the fool and have a blast with them do so. Don’t wait. If you are sad and you do not like the way your life is going change it because tomorrow is Today.

Meeting Me December 31,2015

I am part of  group and we do challenges, Today’s challenge is to write about bumping into Yourself on December 31st, 2015. Whoa! My mind is buzzing at this thought. What will she be like, look like, what has she done, accomplished, is she happy?

So I am going to close my eyes and imagine me…Me on December 31, 2015……

Appearance at first sight:   I can see her walking this way, First thing I notice is her smile, It is Radiant, She looks great. She lost that 100 lbs and is rocking a Healthy Body. She is looking happy and walking tall with confidence. She looks very put together, wearing a nice outfit and not a sweater or hoodie, but a flattering jacket.  Something like this:

Found on Pinterest

She greets me with a warm smile and hug, (people that know me know I am not open like this but would like to be) We go to a coffee shop and sit and talk about what she is up to.

She has been married to the love of her life for 8 months now. They just celebrated an amazing Christmas with friends and family. She is still rocking her Younique business and has 25 people in her down line now. She has reached Green status and Making enough money to cover the things she wanted. No more worrying about how to get things paid for anymore. Her debt has been lowered and she is working on that Bachelors degree looking forward to finishing it. She has straighten out her credit and started building an emergency fund. She still writes a blog and it too has started making her money. She has even started Painting again. She stops and talks to a nice lady behind our table about the 3d lashes and shows no sign of fear or worry that she may be rejected. She turns back tells me she has even gotten more followers on her Youtube channel. She finally got everything on a Scheduled and was sticking with it. She told me how amazing the Younique Convention was In Chicago and that she was making plans to make one of the cruises that the company does. She was even setting up her wish of further supporting the Younique fund for abused women.

She told me that her Goals for 2016 was to strive for black status. She wants to push her creative abilities and even try to have 3 E books done by the end of the year. She is setting up to take the kids on a cruise for their summer. She wants to stay focused on her business and her healthy life. Now from losing the 100 lbs she want to focus on keeping her body toned and even join some 5k’s this year.

What an amazing visit. She told me something I have been telling myself for the last 18 months, only look back to see how far you have come. I keep telling myself this and Now that the challenge has made me really look forward into my life and what I know I want to be …I have a mind set to reach for those dreams.

What if you met you? I challenge you to write about meeting yourself… post it here in the comments!!

Diy Earring Holder

      So it’s  a Rainy Saturday and what better to do than a DIY!!
     I had this old golden Mirror that had cracked and I just stuffed in a closet. I was bored and on the hunt for something fun to take up my time and I remembered the Mirror. I found some left over burlap and old paint and Make up sponges. So this was just a DIY quickly and me finding what I had laying around the house to make a Jewelry  Organizer.
Materials used:
Old mirror (or a picture frame)
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Paint (acrylic)
Paint brush (make up wedge sponge)
      I took the old mirror off and painted the frame with the make up sponge ( my kids helped) I just dabbed it all over and let some of the Gold show through the Teal. Once the frame was dry I flipped it over and started with the burlap. Using my glue gun I attached each piece I just ran the glue around the sides and glued the burlap down making sure to glue one side first and then pulling the burlap taunt and gluing down the other side. I didn’t have one solid piece of fabric so I had to do it in strips and I made sure to line up the seems and glue them together. I used the scissors to cut any access burlap that was hanging over.
      Super easy and fast project. This works great for my earrings and I am not really into much other jewelry but if I wanted to ,  I’m sure i can add a few hooks later on for bracelets or Necklaces.
I know that the First Picture shows read paint, one of my Many Helpers, had a hand in taking the before photo. I wasn’t aware of the Filter or Effect setting that was on.

March Madness!!


Wow did time sneak up on you like it did me? I know that February is a short month and time sure can fly. Today is the 3rd of March and I just realized I needed to share my before photos. I am going to continue to work on my goal of losing 100 lbs by the end of 2015.

How am I doing?

I have to be honest HORRIBLE!! I shut down at the end of January and let things keep rolling down hill. Not only did I suffer with my weight loss goals I let business take a back seat as well and a community I help out in online coast for a while. Now that March is here and I haven’t lost ANY weight I am feeling some pressure to get off my Bum and RUN. (FYI: I cannot run)

What will I change?

I am part of Fitness Pal and I am getting better at logging in my calories and fitness (when I do something) I encourage you to join Fitness Pal and look me up!! Jeanabelle28

I HAVE to HAVE to Start working out and STAY working out 5 days at the least every week. YIKES! You always seem to start off so strong and then Blahhhhh and find yourself eating Doritos on the couch crying with Oprah..I mean that what I’ve heard….

On my to do list is to get a measuring tape and take my measurements. I know I have two of those tapes floating around somewhere I just need to locate them.

I am a Water drinking fool so that part is easy for me!! Yes Check and DONE.

Eating better and healthy is a tough one when you are on a very tight budget and you have little “I’m Hungry Mom, Monsters lurking around” ( I love those monsters by the way ) You get by switching from ground beef to turkey and then someone learns to read the word T-U-R-K-E-Y and the News spreads through the living room and everyone is on protest at the dinner table*sigh*

I have several great healthy foods I have added to my Pinterest and I am excited to start trying them out!! I will post them and my thoughts about them for you to have a look see and maybe enjoy with your family.

SO enough Jabber for one night here are the “Before Photos”  I will end with I haven’t lost any Weight (Number), but my jeans are fitting more loosely and I am loving it. These pics are not the best I have to say. It is really hard to stand in the same spot every time. I will have to look at my bathroom floor and try and mark a spot with tape or something so that I am the same distance from the mirror. I want to say that Yes I did buy a Scale one of the really cheap ones from Walmart for under $10.


Radiant Beauty Collection

Yes! I made my first Purchase of the NEW collections and I am so very excited about getting it in. I went with the Radiant Beauty Collection for $195.

I really needed many items from this kit and I just as YOU want to get the best deal Possible. Here is a handy Break down of how I Saved purchasing a collection Instead of just buying everything separate.

This is everything that comes in the Radiant Beauty Collection. You get all of these products for only $195. In the picture above I have put everything with their prices so you can see what you are paying for each if you purchased them individually. The total of the Collection comes out to $225 WOW. That is a lot of money, you are saving $30 when you purchase the collection instead of buy each item individually.

What I got in my Collection

I thought you might like to know what I picked for my collection, the beauty of the collections are you get to pick and choose like when you purchase a collection that comes with a Mineral Touch Foundation or Pressed Powder. Since this collection only offers one to choose from I went with the Pressed Powder in the shade Cashmere. You get to choose what color of Beachfront Bronzer you want as well I chose Malibu. I picked my favorite lip gloss color LoveSick and I really like the face cleanser in Clean, but once the summer heat kicks up I will switch over to the Clear for my oily skin.

How much did I really Pay for my Collection

The collection costs $195, But I only Paid $97.50!! How did I do that? I host parties and when People make purchases from the party I earn rewards and it’s not just because I am a presenter you can do exactly the same and earn as well!! I had a 1/2 purchase left over from a party and decided to use it when this purchase. What a perfect way to SAVE!!. of course I am not including Tax and Shipping $5.50.

Want to know more?

If you would like what we call a “Lash Link” I can set you up with one. It is simply your choice of how long you want it to last like 3, 5, 10 days. I will set it up and send the link to you and you may share it however you wish. If you receive purchases you can earn Y-Cash and even 1/2 off.  This is simple and easy and a great way to help you save on your purchases and always when you order off the site you are able to use the LOVE IT Guarantee.

Right now !!

Right now I have a party going on or a Lash Link that is set up for our NEW PRODUCTS Click here to Shop (ends March 6th, 2015 ) if the party qualifies I will be giving a Surprise New Product to one of the people that made a purchase in that party and Starting Today If you purchase our New Lip Stains, The first Four People to purchase a lip stain or collection with a lip stain will receive a free gift. You have to remember to contact me with your order number so that I can send you your gift.


One more way to save if you purchase over $75 dollars of product you will receive $10 Y-Cash