D.I.Y. Coconut, Coffee, Sugar Scrub Cubes

Ready for a little DIY!! I know that I sure am. I have a serious addiction to Pinterest and right now I am pinning away at anything soap or soap like on my Pinterest. I have so many it’s crazy. I honestly use Pinterest as a stress relief. When I am stressed, board, or just needing to pass time I am on there searching random things. I had a free day yesterday and decided to make some SUGAR SCRUB CUBES!! I looked around my kitchen to see what ingredients where around and found Coffee, Coconut Oil, and some RAW sugar.

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These are the ingredients I used. Again I just looked for what I had in my cabinets and it is not a have to have. I used Sugar in the Raw, Coconut oil, Coffee, I also used a Ice tray and some small cupcake wrappers to make easy removal from the tray. I didn’t follow a particular Pinterest  Pin, I just did equal parts of each ingredients. The main reason why I did equal parts is I only had 1/2 a cup of coconut oil left.

  1. Mix the sugar and coffee together in a bowl
  2. In a separate  bowl I heated the coconut up for only 15 seconds in the microwave. That is all you need. Coconut oil has a very low melting point . You don’t want to over heat it just get it warm and stir, it will melt the rest.
  3. Then I mixed the ingredients together
  4. Using a small spoon I spooned the mixture into the cupcake wrappers and then pushed them down into the ice tray with the end of my spoon.
  5. Placed the tray into the freezer and that’s where they stay.

When I need or want one I just go to the freezer and grab one and unwrap it. They feel amazing and the coconut oil really moisturizes your skin while the coffee and sugar exfoliate. I do have some pointers and recommendations. I use my scrub cubes out of the shower!! Coconut oil is the type of oil that can and will solidify when it gets cold. If You are  using a lot it can possibly cause drain or clogged pipes issues. I live in an apartment so I cannot take any chances here!! I simply lay down a towel and scrub my legs and arms. I use two cubes for my legs and arms together. You could make a bigger batch and make them in a muffin tin or even a silicon mold would be great!!.  It’s getting close to winter here in the south so I am going to be making a bigger batch myself to fight off the dry skin of winter.

I hope this was helpful and you enjoyed this tutorial. More pictures with tips below.


Remember I said i used equal parts to mix…well here are the cubes after being in the freezer for an hour (not that they needed to be there that long) This was one of the first ones I made and as you can see it’s sort of chunky looking like a volcanic rock.


This is the side view and bottom of that same cube. Still more like a rock and I was worried it would be too rough on my skin. I was very surprised it was not too harsh on MY skin. This said it may be for yours.


This is a cube that I used the last of the mixture with. It was a bit more liquid to it and I personally like this best .


Here is the side view of the same cube. It has more of the coconut oil in it and it takes a littler longer to get to the sugar and coffee. I would recommend this if you don’t like it to be too abrasive on your skin or if you are scrubbing delicate areas of the body. Just simply add more coconut oil.

Clean up Tips !

As I said above the oil could if used a lot clog up your sink or tub so when I washed up the dishes I made sure that I wiped out the bowls and the spoon very well with a paper towel. Then I washed them in very warm soapy  water.  Also if you do use the scrub cubes in the tub or shower I would be careful, because  the oil could cause the surfaces it comes in contact with to become slippery.

Message: Do what you love!! Even if you think you couldn’t do it give it a try. You never know unless you go for it. I love doing D.I.Y.’s and they are usually inexpensive and fun.

Question: Have you ever done any of the Pinterest pins? Did it work out? I’d love to hear about your experience and please if you did this one I’d love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading and best of luck on your D. I .Y endeavors.


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