10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me


Howdy, Howdy ! Today is all about 10 things you may not have known about me. I really want to open up and help my readers better understand more about me. I’d love at the end of the post for you to share in the comments at least 3 things people may not know about YOU!! So lets just get started

  1. I love High Heels! I do I love love love them. I actually only own 3 pairs and if I could I would have tons. Here the deal breaker I ….I cannot walk in them. Yes, I put them on and attempt to walk around the house occasionally trying to learn to walk in them and basically give up. My boyfriend refers to them as my “Get Tall Shoes”, because when I do wear them I am almost as tall as him.
  2. I am afraid of dark water. I live in the south and 90% of the water , if not in a pool is dark. If I cannot see my TOES I am not thrilled about being in the water. Now I will say this year I have broken my fear down a bit. I spent part of the summer at the Lake and did actually go chest deep in the water for my kids sake. I do not want them to be afraid so by being brave myself I hope it has eased their minds. The other half of the summer we went up North to N.H. where my boyfriend is from and went swimming up in the Mountains and Ocean!!! In the creek I actually felt so free the water was cold, but so clear. I was in LOVE.
  3. I play video games! Yep I love to play some Zelda. I play many types of games to be honest. I enjoy the search and finds and anything with a good puzzle to it. I completely nerd out if it involves Zelda however. Me and my Nephew are total nerds and it is a wonderful bond we share
  4. I love to bake! At one point in my life I really wanted to start a small baking business. I was not in a happy and supportive enough relationship to feel as if I could achieve this dream. I love to decorate and my favorite thing to bake is PIE.
  5. The next two go hand in hand. I Talk in my sleep. Even when I was young I would hold conversations in my sleep. I still do to this day.
  6. I have very weird dreams. My dreams have no bounds. They can just be plain strange or even something to hold a conversation with Stephen King about. I wish there was a machine to tap into my dreams and create them into video so that my family will not think I am just over exaggerating about my dreams.
  7. I play with dolls. Now wait it’s not like that I promise. My daughter is only 5 and she has two older brothers. So who is going to play dolls….Me. I may not get really into it, but I am there for her and I want her to use her imagination to the fullest. I love being crafty and I have created her some Diy doll beds and recently a closet for their things.
  8. I love Honey. I am not talking about just plain old honey I love the stuff you get at farmers markets. My favorite is when it has the honeycomb in the jar. That stuff is so delicious. Right now my favorite flavor is Peach.
  9. I dream of owning my own business. I am currently with three DS companies Younique, Sweet Stripes Sprinkles, and Tupelo rustic wagon. I dream of owning a business all my own. I am currently looking into soap making. So who knows maybe one day I will have that dream.
  10. Last but not least I have BAD asthma. I almost died in 2012 from putting off going to the doctor about a cold. I have to say my asthma is better now than it was then. I have removed people from my life that smoked. My boyfriend was a smoker and the day he showed up on my doorstep he quiet. He quiet for me, for my kids, and his health. If there was a zombie apocalypse however especially with the fast moving zombies I’m basically screwed. haha!

Message: Don’t be afraid to say who you are or what you enjoy. It’s okay to put yourself out there and let others in. You are in control of what level of information you give. Leave your comfort zone!

Question: Would you share something like this with your friends? I am not talking about deepest darkest secrets just general things that let others see your a individual. Try to share 3 things with me. Go on give it a go. Who knows you may share this post on your social media and challenge your friends too!!


5 thoughts on “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. First i would like to point out that some of us knew about the video games, I’ve spent countless hours watching you and Cassey playing banjo and kazooey. Second I accept your challenge.
    1) I’m scared of water, I’ve come a long way, you probably wouldn’t ever notice, but if someone trys to dunk me I freak out.
    2) Most people know I love to read, but what they don’t know is I’ve dreamed of being a writer for as long as I can remember.
    3) My favorite color is blue, which if you’ve seen pictures from my wedding is obvious, but the reason might not be. Both of my dads had blue eyes. On clear blue days I sometimes look up at the sky and pretend I’m looking into their eyes.


  2. I see so many similar things here.. like, shoes, baking and honey! yum!! But I suck at video games lol
    I hope your dream of owning your own business comes true really soon! I always tell my friends to start with what you got while doing their full time job, just a little extra work and let it grow with time. Good luck to you girl!! 🙂


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