Sleep vs. Living

{{{Alarm}}} Get up and get moving.

{{{Snooze}}} I am refusing to acknowledge you morning.

I get so many wonderful and awful traits from my mother. Each is their own blessing, because they came from her. One of my traits is sleeping. We were born sleepers.  I want to just put it out there I could out sleep sleeping beauty. There I said it, I love my bed , it is old and a horrible mattress and I desperately need new sheets, oh and just to add it is just a mattress and foundation on the floor. Yep not impressive or wonderful, but I have no problems sleeping my life away right there.

Background: I have always had trouble sleeping like a regular person should. I like the term “regular person” compared to “NORMAL”. Normality is super scary and we will save that topic for another day.

So this post is about Sleep vs.Living or in Truth Comfort Zone vs. Living. I want to LIVE! I want to SLEEP. I want to stay in bed and just dream and let the day waist away said me a year back. I have three smart, amazing children yet I could barely bring myself out of bed. I am not the person that just jumps up at the crack of dawn and makes breakfast. I come to life around 10 am and then decided if I really want to function or just remain in bed. So sad right. Yes, I was, I was sad and tired and depressed. So very Depressed. All my hopes and dreams kept being squashed, turned down, or just plain destroyed!! (Not by my kids) They were ripped from my heart slowly piece by piece by negativity. I tell you I was drowning in it. I had hit the point there was no more air. Then my mother became sick. I picked myself up and went to her side, my sisters side, my family. I missed my kids so much because they had to finish out school back home and I was back in my hometown. I was always thrilled when I could have them with me. They uplifted me. I noticed something…I was yes deeply sad about the task at hand (losing mom), but I was getting up, doing my college, and feeling lighter even. I started working out with my young nephew doing INSANITY. Then I realized, I  wasn’t surrounded by negativity any more, It was LOVE.

I had let my depression become my comfort zone. It was where I wanted to stay. I wanted to live, but I was drowning in all that negativity. It took losing my mom to pull me from my depths and the love of my family to remind me there is a world out there that I am not living in.

I finally had to go back to Louisiana, I went straight back to bed. AWFUL!! I had a whole new depth to sink into, my mom was gone, gone was my family, and there was that bed. I gave into it just for a few days. I got up one morning and I did my workout and started walking. I had a goal to walk a mile for every day my mother fought her fight with cancer. I will be honest I have let life get in the way and I have only walked 45 miles. ( A goal I will not give up) I tried really hard to stay moving and going and just kept fighting the negativity. Where I was and who I was surrounded by it started to consume me again. So I left. It’s been over a year since I left the Negativity and I have bounced back and forth from comfort zone to living. I found something last December that moved me. Younique.  Its a DS company selling Empowerment, Uplifting,and giving me Validation. I knew when I joined it was just what I needed. BUT it really sunk in this August when I managed to go to the convention. I found myself then and I have been working and improving ever since. Younique keeps me pushing to stay out of my comfort zone. Younique pushes me to reach for dreams I was once told I could not reach. I may not be a top presenter, but I am a growing person. YOU cannot put any number to the personal growth, the satisfaction of seeing me become a better person, A HAPPY PERSON.

My sisterhood with Younique has given me the love and encouragement I need so far away from my family. It has helped me accept the fact I am vulnerable and that is okay. It is okay to be vulnerable and let others see you this way. Do you know why it is okay, because it allows you to grow. Accepting the fact that people may see me cry when I talk about my personal growth over the last year is okay. I don’t have to put on a good face and pretend I am okay. I refuse to stay in the COMFORT ZONE. I want to live and I want to help others reach goals and dreams. I can be a inspiration, but not from my comfort zone.

Message: Be vulnerable and leave your comfort zone.

Question: What is your comfort zone and how is it holding you back?


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