Teaching Hate

So today is the last day of my blog challenge and we have to write something controversial. 

This is not easy being new to blogging. 
My topic is Teaching Hate, my point Don’t!

We were at the park a few weeks back and my daughter was swinging. There was a older girl around 9 or so and she was being mean to all the kids at the park. She called my middle son fat, my oldest son stupid and then set her sights on my daughter.
Well she had been listening and watching and when the girl approched her my daughter told her she was a bully.  My boyfriend told the girl  she wasn’t being nice. She glared at them both and announced that she didn’ have to listen to them because they were WHITE.  I was floored. Here was a young child showing hate in so many ways all at once. My boyfriend told the girl that we don’t act like that and no matter a person’s color to be nice to each other. She didn’t like that and said she didn’t like any white people.

Now back up to when we first arrived to the park. We were walking up and found a social security card laying on the ground. My boyfriend walked over to two guys sitting on the tables and asked them about the card it was theirs. They were very thankful to receive the lost card. They were black. They were at the park with that young girl. Maybe our actions this day will change that young girls perspective?  I hope so.
Some people teach hate. That’s how they learn hate. Your actions speak louder than any words. We could have left that card. We could have taken it. But we saught out the owner  and returned it. That showed my kids right from wrong.
My daughter plays with all the kids here at the apartment and even calls them her cousins. Most of the kids here are black. My daughter does  not see color. I taught her that. Then she went to visit some other family and when she came back she saw color. It ripped my heart apart. This is not what I wanted her to learn. It only took a  short week and  she learned hate.
We were at the ball park when she told a small girl she doesn’t play with black girls. I was sad and embarrassed,  I made her apologize not only to the girl but her mother. I told her that when you are ugly it hurts others not just the person you said it too ,but the people around them. She cried. She deeply and truly felt bad for what she had done. I hope that sticks.
Don’t teach hate. Teach love. In your words and actions show our children what it is to not see others differences but to look at how they treat others. May our children learn right from us and pass it along to other children.

I know this can be a touchy subject, but it should not be. It should be open and upfront so that kids can see people for who they are and deeper than just the color of skin, beautiful looks, age, gender,and  relationship choices.
We are all different but we can still be good people right?


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