D.I.Y. Lip scrub / Refill

So winter is either here or just around the corner for us. I live in the south so it hasn’t officially hit us just as of yet. Here nor there the one thing that happens every winter is CRACKED DRIED LIPS!! If you are like me I cannot stand putting on any kind of lip gloss or lip stick when my lips look like dried up cracked mud. Then you buy the lip balm and everything else trying to fix them. I will tell you my favorite remedy to this is Exfoliation! Many of us don’t stop and think about if you have exfoliated your lips or not. I will be honest a year back I could have cared less. Now that I sell make up and it’s important to look your best and also have awesome tips to pass along *smile*

I love my Minty Eos lip balm and I was thinking how wonderful would it be o add some sugar to it and make it a refreshing lip scrub for the winter. So I hopped on Pinterest and only found one tutorial. Now I will say I didn’t spend long searching for it, so there could be more than one out there, but if I type in something three times, three different ways and get only one result it’s time to roll up my sleeves and figure it out for my self.

So  here is my Newest D.I.Y.wpid-20141106_164510.jpg

Above is the Finished Project, I would have posted a before picture, but just as it dawned on me to take pictures for a tutorial I had already started.


This shows what the pod looks like once you have scraped out the lip balm. What you are going to do next can seem tricky, but once you actually have the pod in hand you can easily see what I am talking about 🙂




In this photo you can see all the components of the pod, I think some people call them eggs, but for this blog I will call it a pod. I simply took a spoon and scooped out the lip balm into a cup, I then used a butter knife and placed it along the edge of the wheel looking pat. If you look close to the pod before its wheel looking part is removed you will see that the top and bottom have a flat edge like for your finger. It’s a smooth edge , once the pod is opened and the lip balm scooped out you can take a butter knife to that flat edge and slid the knife between the shell and wheel and it just pops out.


Melt the lip balm or a lip balm you have made your self. I just used the lip balm that came with the pod. I placed it in the microwave and heated it 15 seconds at a time stopping to give it a stir. Best to chop it up smaller that way it will heat more evenly. ONLY do this 15 seconds or 10 seconds at a time and STOPPING to check it. TRUST me you do not want BURNED lip balm EWW.  Please use CAUTION as well as contents and container may become hot and It could BURN.


Now that it is all nice and melted I waited about a Minute to a Minute and a Half just to let it cool a tiny bit before adding in my table sugar. I didn’t want to add it straight out +the microwave for fear it may completely melt it.


As you can see I have added the sugar I just poured it in. I will be honest no Measuring was involved. I would say I used a Table spoon or Two. If and when I do this again I will Measure it out. I added a bit too MUCH sugar. Not an over TOOO much, but I wish I had added just a bit less so that it was not as crumbly as it turned out. It is a Personal Preference as to how much but keep in mind you want it to hold its form and when you apply you want it to keep shape and not fall apart. *HINT* if you add too much sugar and want to salvage it You could add a bit of melted Coconut oil to the mix. I just didn’t have any on hand.


Now time to fill the container. Remember that wheel-shaped part of the pod one side snaps into the bottom the other screws into the top of the lid. What I did was spooned some mixture into the lid  just about half way. then I screwed the wheel part onto the lid and spooned more mixture in and using the back of my spoon I pushed the mix down into the top of the lid.


I kept going to fill the pod (top part and wheel) completely  making sure I packed it down.


I then used the last of the mix and filled the bottom part of the pod just because I didn’t want to waste any of the mix. make sure you don’t fill it too full of when closing the pod it will not pop back together. I figured that once the top part of the pod was empty I could remove the wheel part later in time and use the mix out of the bottom (hate to waste). Try and clean up the edges so that no sugar gets caught when closing the pod.


Simply snap the pod back closed and wait about 5 minutes or long enough to clean up any mess you may have made on the counter. Giving the pod time to compress and the oil/lip balm to harden.


d to the beginning photo haha. OR the end product. Now you have an amazing sugar scrub to keep your lips soft and kissable this winter and you will be able to relax and enjoy all the amazing darker lip colors of the seasons from the dark plums to the bright reds you will rock this season.

I want to take minute to also share some products you may love I sell Younique and I am happy to say that we offer some really beautiful products to give you that perfect Holiday/Seasonal look. We have lip pencils that stay put and will not budge until you are ready to take them off. We have beautiful Lip gloss that leave your lips silky smooth and not sticky or tacky. ANNNDDD We have an AMAZING KUDOS this November  Picture posted below. SO please take a look at my site and enjoy. https://www.youniqueproducts.com/JeanaWilliams/products/kudos#.VFwMuPnF-zA

Younique's November Kudos

Younique’s November Kudos



Younique’s November Kudos



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