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I know I have mentioned a few times that I am in Direct Sales. I am with three wonderful companies. I am not going to tell you I am a top presenter for any of them. To be very honest I am at the bottom of the barrel with all three. They are wonderful and I work hard at getting myself and them out there. Today I wanted to write a bit about them and my journey in Direct Sales.

Direct Sales has come a long way, with the help of social media and the internet it’s crazy easy to get yourself out there. Many companies will say you don’t have to get out into the public and physically try and sell. This is very true. I have had many Lucky days with surprise purchases

I am not a people person at all. I never have been actually. My mother owned a western retail store and I spent many days up there helping. I have all the skills just lack the confidence. I don’t really know where or how I lost my confidence. I have been working on it and building it back since the pending divorce.

I started with Younique. I had been in my new apartment for less than a month and was trying to think of ways to remain a stay at home mom. Let’s face it I had been a stay at home mom for 10 years I had maybe two jobs the entire marriage and I was always right there 24/7 for my kids. I didn’t want to go to a regular 9-5 and miss out on the important things. I stumbled across Younique and It only took a few days for me to know this is what I wanted to do.  Younique was on it’s Race to 10k presenters and I was in the 6000’s yes!!

Not long I was so pumped up from working with Younique I decided this summer to take on another company and I love warmers and scents. So I didn’t want to go with something everyone had seen a million times over and I choose Pink Zebra. They have the Sprinkles instead of wafers or cubes. They are so versatile and amazing, I was so happy when my kit came in. The best part about Pink Zebra is the ability to host Fundraisers and I have two  coming up!!

I then ran across a company that sells all things rustic. This immediately appealed to me because my experience working at my moms western store. It was only $25 to join what a steal!! No products to have on hand and so easy to post about. I have purchased many items for my own personal use. I have friends that love what I post about. I can see that this was going to be a great business to have.

However there are days when it seems I do all I can to make money and nothing happens. I am a Glass Half Full kind of gal and giving up is something I really don’t like doing. Taking on three companies is a lot and you are honestly advised not to do so unless you have one already successful business going. I had made Facebook fan pages for each company and I even bought domain names for two. I noticed that they were not doing so well. I wasn’t getting many likes and getting reactions or comment love for my viewers was rough. This is about the time I decided I wanted to blog. I wanted to post and write about anything and everything that I felt moved. I want to SHARE, MOTIVATE, INSPIRE, AND HELP. It dawned on me that is what Direct sales is about. Not just making money and selling, but reaching out to others and building a connection through similar interests. So I have taken on the task of posting in each of my Facebook Fan pages as well as blogging. I have officially done my posts and I have to say I am EXCITED.

So the point of this post was to give you a little more depth into my life and what I am juggling and to also let you know that even when you are not doing so hot at something maybe taking a new perspective and finding a new way to reach your goal is just under your nose.

Please If you are a blogger, a direct sales presenter, or just have some useful insight  I love comments and I love learning new things. NETWORKING!! Let me know, I’ll follow your blogs, I’ll read your posts, and we can work together to reach our goals.

My Main Goal: Remain a Stay At Home MOM!!

If you would like please take a moment and check out my Facebook Fan Pages


Pink Zebra

The Rustic Shop


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