Small Town Girl


I have noticed that in November everyone gets all involved in the “Thankful Daily Posts”. You know the ones where everyone posts something they are thankful for, for each day of November. I am not knocking this at all. I personally love reading my friends posts and even when I do commenting on them. We should be Thankful for so many things. Seeing how it’s now November 9th, I am a few days behind on the Thankful November. I will not do a post Everyday on what I am Thankful for like everyone else has I have decided to do it a bit differently. First I will catch up to date with a short list.

  1. Family – I am thankful for my family and I honestly can say I don’t know where or who I would be with out them.
  2. My kids- I have three amazing kids and I am thankful for them and their sunshine.
  3. My boyfriend- Soon to be Husband. He is my ROCK and I really cannot imagine life with out him by my side.
  4. My apartment- This is my first apartment to have on my own and I am beyond proud.
  5. Faith- I believe in GOD and I have FAITH. I am not much on religion, but I do believe and I tell HIM thank you for all my blessings even the ones I do not know are blessings yet.
  6. Friends- I have old ones and I am making new ones. I am thankful for each and everyone of YOU.
  7. MOM and DAD- I know I said family, but these two fall in a category all their own. I love you and Thank you for all the love, understanding help, advice, and life lessons.
  8. My Positive Thinking- I have faced some dark times and I have even given in to letting them get the best of me, then my “half full glass” attitude jumps up and shakes me. I am so glad I have that ability.



Now for today, I am thankful for the Town I call home. I grew up in a small Texas town. I am from the Southeast, the Big Thicket, and Piney Woods. Growing up in Kirbyville was great. I had family and friends that have lasted and continue to last. I have amazing and wonderful memories of childhood and they all out weigh the bad. I am always missing my home. I can honestly say I have been to different places and none of them come close to home. I get so excited when I am heading back home. I get close to that Sabine  river and seeing that white Texas stone on the other side of the bridge makes it feel like I almost walked back into time. Kirbyville has changed since I was a kid. I grew up riding horses, and running through the woods like wild child. I hear people talk bad about Kirbyville saying how badly they want to get out of town when I would give almost anything to move back. So the place I am thankful for is Kirbyville Texas, I miss you so bad. I remember doing dance recitals , going to the Magnolia Festival, being in parades, and feeding the ducks at the pond.

When you needed a Hair Cut you went to see Roy at his Barber shop. When you wanted to go on a date you knew it was a trip to Beaumont to the movies, and being back before 10 pm. I have lived in some fast paced cities and when you hit Kirbyville it feels just like time slows down to a crawl. I loved going to the action barn and watching the cattle sell.  Who doesn’t enjoy a good game of Donkey Basketball? When summer comes around you have to stop and get a Sno Cone. I remember the Giant Christmas Tree in front of the Electric Co-op. As kids it was always great to see the Tree all done up.







Donkey Basketball

Donkey Basketball




When you stop and think of Home what comes to your mind? Where is the Home you call Home. It may be right where you are now, or it could be where ever your family is. When I think of Home I instantly see my small town and all the faces from my childhood. I am thankful for the Memories I have and cherish each and everyone.

So for the rest of November I will have a small spot at the bottom of my Daily post with my Daily Thankful November!!


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