Bells Ringing


While stopping for a quick kiss tonight with my boyfriend I head bells chiming. Really? Bells? I even broke the kiss and looked at him Do you hear bells? He smiled and said yes so it was real bells ringing in the distance. Crazy right. Have you ever heard bells ring when kissing. Only in the Movies right!! That’s what I thought for sure. So in honor of this once in a life time Magic Moment I am going to share my Dream Wedding Ideas. I have a whole board about it on Pinterest. I have a shabby chic, rustic, western, boho, and hippie kind of style. (mouth full much)

Little back ground My man is older than me and its true when you hear people say Age Is Just A Number. We do have moments when it hits us and we are like wow at the age difference. I was born in 1984 and he was born in 1966. So I think a nice hippie/rustic kind of wedding would be perfect.  So let’s talk about the date I REALLY want an October/November wedding. Now with that said it’s obvious it’s not happening this year! That is okay though.  My Must haves are BURLAP and SUNFLOWERS some where some way some how they will be in or at the wedding.  I have to have a Memory candle for my mom there as well. I added some captions to some of the photos. I hope they give you some inspiration. I really cannot wait to have a real wedding my first one was a bit different *Married at at buffet* I will not go into detail haha. I want the real deal this go round and I don’t care if I have to D I Y each and ever detail lol. My dream wedding would definitely be out doors. I would settle for indoor but only if it’s a old Barn!! I do have the perfect wedding ring already picked out, but it’s a secret until we pick an official date!!

*Thankful November*DAY 10 I am thankful for LOVE. The world needs more of it. I have finally found the kind of love I have always wanted.

Lets show some Pinterest Pins * Note* all photos are from Pinterest and some do contain water marks. I try to give credit to everyone and if you want to look up the photo to find more check it out on

Dress and photo idea

Photo Booth/ Love the dress

Photo ideas

Love the LOVE light and perfect wedding photo


I want this dark blue and love the Boots with Sunflowers Thinking Boho Belted boots though custom made at the Bachloret party

vintage dress with hint of pink

Nice vintage look but would love Blue undercoat

Old slips

This dress is made from vintage slips. what a great Idea

Jelly Favors

Party Favor Jam, jelly, HONEY!! I love Flavored Honey and so cute !!

Hair and dress

Love this Look

for him

I like this for the Groom and Grooms men

flowers 1

Love these Flowers


Perfect Save the Date


If I do have a Veil then it will be just like this


I love apples and burlap


Must have a Memory candle


I love this with the cotton and are those pine cones !!

Photo ideas 3c7b3f103e1d94aa20ee02164aef9ae7c66ce91b67bbb94ca940cae25e43e5c65Table decorMore decorVailsThe Dressmore cakef9cd2510bf7034fd7cd7ffbb658a3340f5ecb9d0f6712a226d48a3932f8fc7a0Empiree58473e16e8c0c96b0b03d25ec472025d99f1bfd87b8b42a74cd522aeeac41b2CorsetedCandle decorcakea96c928209eee7a40d97b54f184a7471brides maidsc7b3f103e1d94aa20ee02164aef9ae7c7882296cae996d39a56c1b88bc488513235476a3f7eb44c027f058ba5dad84ee92285fe9f30194da59f69db387b7fb7f0067e5291d73daa00cab9f2031b29ba766ce91b67bbb94ca940cae25e43e5c6519d0f3352675da5543d0b1323798e9299a17b6448cc8691905870c89360716815e6a901d76fd8ed1f781df402f5760622cbc90ec7fa1ff6209ff9ae4a139cc2e0e98f8ccb7ce2da4b731ac6dd6398962


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