So remember when house were a kid and your mom would threaten to clean your room for you if you didn’t do it first? Remember the inspection!!! Blah, you would be scared she found out that you didn’t fold the clothes before you put them in the drawers or that you have hidden things here and there. Never under the bed it’s always the first place she looks!! I do this to my kids. I tell them make the room Vacuum ready! It usually works, but some days it’s a full force hurricane going on and I don’t mean a messy house. Emotions!!

SO this post is about being “Inspection” ready. I live in some very nice apartments and we have three bedrooms. We receive notices of inspections. They want everything just so. I am the kind of person that freaks out and is like scrub everything. If they say new oven covers, I want to run to the store and get new covers. Marshall on the other hand is very level headed and says don’t worry about it. So once the wave of panic has passed I break out the D.I.Y cleaning tips and tricks. So want to be Inspection ready?

First tip if your oven top is like mine open the top and lay down some tinfoil. This will catch what the oven burner cover misses. Makes for fast easy clean up.

Second tip always ALWAYS have Vinegar and baking soda in the house.  I scrub everything with this stuff. It is great for cleaning the fridge, cabinets, counter tops, stove tops, bath tubs, and carpet.

Here is what I did to remove some carpet stains:

Mixed in a bowl of hot water a squirt of dish liquid, and a shot of apple cider vinegar. Then I sprinkled baking soda on the spot on the carpet and blotted the liquid mix over it till it went away.  Below is some before and after pictures.

Third and I think this is the best tip when living in a apartment with kids, have a chore chart. During the week each kid has chores to do and shared chores. I make them clean their rooms together and the living room together. This way if an inspection pops up all we have to do is sweep and mop. I hope some of this has helped you and I have many more tips and tricks for cleaning on my Pinterest page so please look me up!! (JeanaMoody28)

*November Thankful* I am thankful for my apartment. I needed this apartment and it was some what a last minute things trying to get into it. I was able too and a year later I am still here and cannot complain. It’s not perfect and we had to fight the roaches at first. Now it is feeling homey and I am glad to have a nice place to live when finding places to rent around here are like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

Before (bed)

Before (bed)

After (bed)

   After (bed)










Before Infront of Dresser

  Before Infront of Dresser

After infront  of Dresser

After infront of Dresser  


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