Fake Vs. Real

So it’s that time of the year when we are looking for the best and cheapest deals. Let’s face it when you have a list a mile long and everyone to buy for pinching a few pennies here and there is a must right?  I actually wrote this entire blog post out over two days of fighting asthma attacks and when I wanted to post it my internet connection when down. GRR so I am writing it again.

I am just like you I will skimp here or there and buy the knock off when I can just to save a few dollars. I have notice sometimes it’s just worth the extra bucks to buy the real deal than the cheaper version. I cannot stand fake mac n cheese, so Velveeta it is for me. I don’t buy cheaper batteries either they seem to no last as long as the name brands. Why would you skip on make up either right. We all look for those dupe  drug store versions of the top brands. In this case there is a good reason to let the cheaper version of Younique’s 3D Fiber Lashes be left alone.

I have been with Younique for over a year now and I love my products just as much if not more than when I first tried them. The lashes/mascara is a Must have for me. I haven’t bought any other mascara since. I want to share no WARN you of the reasons why buying that copycat brand of the Magic Mascara is not worth it.


This season don’t skimp you may find yourself unsatisfied. Younique uses only the best and by best I am talking Natural Green Tea Fibers for your lovely lashes. They are safe and natural and help keep your lashes healthy while giving them 300% more volume and length all together. The copycat brands use synthetic fibers in their mascara and that is just asking for a nasty eye infection.



The above two pictures are of me and I am showing just how amazing the 3D fiber Lashes are from Blahh to Wow you can easily see that just One coat yes ONE coat can be amazing!! The other great thing about Younique is that all of their products are approved to be sold in the U.K!! Our products are made in the U.S.A and Pass the U.K higher standards. Not every brand out there can say that.

Along with High flying standards we offer a Love It Guarantee. If you don’t love the product you can send it back. If you purchase off other sites and get a knock off brand you won’t have that guarantee and will be stuck with a product you don’t love.

I want to share just a few more great things before you go, every month Younique has a Kudos and this November is the amazing Cranberry Season ready Lip Stain. This lip stain stays put and is a Younique Exclusive. So once November is over the off is gone!!

I have set up a Link party for my blog viewers you can go to the link and purchase from my site and at the end of the month if the party is qualifying I will be giving away the hostess awards to one lucky winner!! That FREE make up and Y-Cash!! So with only 4 Days left Hurry.

My November Thankful is for YOU my viewers. I don’t have many of you yet, but for every click or comment I am greatly thankful.


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