12 Day of Christmas :Holiday Shopping

The Rustic Shop

12 Days of Christmas

The Rustic Shop is one of the companies I work for and I know it’s Now the 3rd of December and I am just getting around to telling you they are doing a 12 Day of Christmas Sale!! I am sorry for putting this off and just now telling you about it.  You haven’t missed much though and that is the wonderful thing!

Each Day at Noon CST a different item goes on sale. Yay! I have been posting every day on my Facebook Fan Page for TRS what that Item will be. I post again exactly at Noon CST that same post again just as a Friendly reminder “Hey it’s time”.

I you may be wondering what TRS has to offer and I am so glad you asked. (You did ask right?) We offer many different products from western bling to home décor. To keep this post fun and nice I will add some of our latest Items for you to look at. Don’t forget to check out all the links to take you to the TRS and my Fan Page. I also have a Secret Shop it is for when I am doing amazing deals that are just from me. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful Day!!

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