Sunday Goal Setting

Oh man, it’s already Sunday and it’s time to set some goals for the upcoming week!! How did I fair this week with my goals?

Week One

  1. Post at least 4x a day for my business (TRS, Younique, Pink Zebra)
  2. Tell at least 3 People about Younique
  3. Add two new friends to my Facebook
  4. Follow up with all customers (Thursdays)
  5. Post FAQ Comment to receive news and engagement
  6. Build a monthly scheduled *blog life business*

I did do my posts MORE than 4x a day for each of my business!! I posted on average about 7x a day. I will say it was rough finding things to post about. I took full advantage of the Schedule post button on my Facebook. I was able to sit down each morning before 8 am and write out all my posts that about* 126  posts over this last week wow!! Big pat on my back for that!!

I told only 2 people about my business so I was just under on that goal. I was able to add two new friends!! I did my follow up on Wednesday and not on Thursday as I should. I have set a Timer on my Phone just for that!! I didn’t post a FAQ comment I wanted to get a bit more posts out there before I did that. And my Monthly Scheduled is not complete. It was hard and complicated. I have a million Ideas and it can be so hard to site still and really focus on what to do next.

What about this week!! Well as a note I will keep all 6 from last week going and working and I will add to them this….

Week Two

  1. Tell 3 More people about Younique
  2. Set and Idea for each day of December to write about for the blog
  3. Learn to use Hootsuite for my Google+ and Twitter
  4. Get back on Track with Instagram
  5. Organize all Photos on my Computer

It may seem like it’s not much to do but when you add on the other 6 it is a lot. What my Key goal is to have a steady rhythm going by the first of the year and really work my business. I love all three, but I started with Younique and It is the one I intend to Master First. IF things change so they change. I will remain steady and flexible all at the same time. I want to Give a Shout Out to Green Embers Blog Building Rome, This is one of the ways I am holding my self accountable for posting my Goals weekly.

What are your goals for this week? I have others as well, but these are the ones I hold myself most accountable for!!


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