January Kudos

Yes, Finally January 1st and the Kudos Have been announced.

Blending Buds or Blenders have been around for sometime and I am  personally super excited that Younique is having a set of buds for the Kudos.

How to use a typical Blender, You wet the bud and squeeze out excess water you want the sponge to be damp, but not wet. It will feel fluffy and spongy. You then apply your Cream to the back of your hand to warm it up. Always apply makeup to a well cleaned face. You want to make sure you have a Clean or Clear , exfoliated, Moisturized and applied Primer.

What are the Blending Buds made of?
They are made out of Styrene-Butadiene Rubber. They are not latex-free. Similar products that are latex-free only work with wet products (BB Creams, Foundations, And Concealers) and cannot be used to apply powder.

Blending Buds can be used with wet or dry products. 

Products that can be used with the Beauty Buds: (wet) BB Flawless Cream, Foundation,Glorious Face and eye Primer.  (Dry) Moodstruck Pressed Powder, Moodstruck Mineral eye Pigments, Blushers. (versatile) Concealers and eye pigments can be made to wet products with the Rose Water  This is just naming what I can think of off the top of my head. I love these products because they are all so versatile. The Options are really limitless.

What is the January Hostess Kudos promotion?

When you host a 5,000 point Virtual Party during the month of January, you will receive one free set of Blending Buds with your next order. If you host a 10,000 point Virtual Party, you will receive a total of three sets of Blending Buds with your next order.With a 5,000 point party not only will you get the Blending Buds for free but you will also earn  Y-Cash and three half-priced items. Think of all the free Younique products you will enjoy

Want a Chance to have these Blending Buds…

I have Opened a Younique Party just for these Blending Buds IT starts TODAY and End on the 11th. So Grab your friends and Hurry over to the Party. You and your friends simply  purchase products to build points and I will give away the Blending Buds by having a random drawing after the party is over (if the party Qualifies (5,000) Points) You do have to purchase under the party link to get entered in the drawing for the Blending Buds. You can take the party link and share it as you want all over social Media with your friends and family !!  Click Here.

Check out the Party Rewards Chart

If you would like to Host a Party and get All the Rewards (Blending

Buds, Y-Cash, and Three Half-priced Items) Let me know and I will Make you a Personal Link all your own for you to share and earn the rewards. Or you can go here.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful New Year


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