End of the Year Reflection: Day One

*Sorry this post has been Published late, I came down with a bad stomach virus*

I found this awesome blog by  Lisa Jacobs, and on this blog she is doing a 7 day review. I am so on this just a few days late. None the less I feel that this is a great way to kick off the new year. Seeing how the New Year graced it’s presents in the middle of a week It has completely thrown me off Track. I wanted to be all perfect and timed and be all ” ooh the new year it’s a new day, new me blahh blahh…here is my plans…”,and bam I let it completely take me by surprise.

Snip from Her blog: “If this is your first year joining me, here’s how it works: I’ll offer you a new list of prompts and review questions everyday through Saturday, January 3. Click here to gather your materials and get your prep on! Each day, I answer the same questions. I then blog my answers + thoughts from the previous day before issuing the next set of prompts. If you want to blog your answers as well, I’d love to read them. Please link up in the comments below.”

So with no delay my day one review

  1. Time well spent: I have to say in 2014 a time well spent was our first trip together ( new bf and kids). We packed up and went to my Boyfriends’ home town in New Hampshire. This was a many of firsts for our small family. Though it was a 1600 mile drive in a truck with three kids I wouldn’t trade a single minute of that journey.
  2. Money well spent: Purchased a 2007 Toyota Tundra this 2014. It was a limited edition and packed with all the bells and whistles and by that I mean a back glass that rolls down, Heated seats for our cold butts, and a roomy back seat for 3 crazy kids to stretch out.
  3. Favorite Memories: There are really too many to put down. I have to say just as of the end of the year we got a Dr Hook cd and Every morning on the way to school we have to listen to the same songs because the kids love it so very much.
  4. Accomplished or Completed: A top goal of mine was accomplished I was able to go to the Younique Convention in Dallas Texas and it was a wonderful event. I have set my sights on Not missing the next convention in Chicago this 2015
  5. Progress on big goals: I have to be very honest though I have always known about setting goals I have always failed at following through. In 2014 I was going through some difficult times and Closer to the end of the year I grasped the whole goal setting concept and managed to complete small ones. I have set my sights for much bigger goals this 2015 and I will be completing them!!
  6. What felt successful this year: A huge success was my boyfriend showing up and supporting me this year, among many others successes another one was getting rid of some very negative obstacles that have been holding me back from personal growth.
  7. Overcoming obstacles: As said in No.6 I did rid my life of some negativity that was holding me back. Getting rid of something that keeps you from your own personal growth can be a very hard and difficult task to take on. It wasn’t easy and I had to work hard. In the end I am forever thankful I did.
  8. What did I learn about myself: I learned in 2014 I am stronger than I ever gave myself credit for being. I always thought I was strong, but over the year I learned just how strong I could be.
  9. My nurture or support:  Was and always will be my family and boyfriend(soon to be husband). With them I really do not know how I would have made it through such a difficult year.
  10. Who did I enjoy supporting: I was able to give support to my sister and father this year, as well as two new friends I have made. Among them I also had a entire group of wonderful supportive women from Younique that has given back to me and I have given to them.

That ends day One and I have to say I felt amazing once I sat down in a quiet moment and reflected on everything that was asked. I find this to be cleansing, growing, supportive, healthy, and just down right good for the soul. Hope you join in, Remember it’s never too late. Stop and breath and reflect it will lead you closer to the you, you want to be.

Please remember if you decided to do this link back to Lisa and her blog. Sharing is caring and support is grand.


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