End of the Year Reflection : Day Two

Welcome to Day Two of the New Year New You. If you are just Joining me you can find my Day One and join in or catch up. I am actually trying to catch up myself. It’s really day 6 and I’m just getting started. Better late that sorry. This reflection has been very self improving for my personal growth. I hope you enjoy and give it a try. Here is Day Two’s prompt.

  1. Time Wasted: 2014 I feel like lots of time was wasted during the majority of the year WORRYING. I would let everything take over my brain. I was emotional and unsure of myself constantly. I have been learning to let the Past be just that the Past. Moving forward in life can be scary and it can even hold us back. Learning to step out of our Comfort Zones and embrace the unknown is something I am proud to be learning and doing.
  2. Money wasted: I can say I was very careful with my money in 2014 I was able to use the Dave Ramsey approach and it helped me greatly. I will continue to use this approach.
  3. Biggest Challenge: Whoa and let me tell you WHOA, It was leaving my comfort zone and I am only one foot out. I have been reading and learning everything I can to step out of my shell and just completely go for it.
  4. What would I change: If I could change anything over the last year I would have set my goals sooner and pushed harder at having a set schedule for all things in my life. I have found myself trying and starting again.
  5. Do you have any unfinished Business:  Yes I need to Finish my Bachelors Degree. I had to stop and Now I will be returning to finish that degree.
  6. Do you have any Outstanding Goals: Yes, yes I do. I made a Goal Board in the summer and I failed to complete anything on that board. It hurts to be that Honest, but it is very true. I was by the end of the Year able to set some smaller goals and accomplish them. I will be Putting big Black X’s on that goal board this YEAR 2015.
  7. My worst set back: Happened in May I struggled with the loss of my Mother in May of 2013 and it hit hard this year. It set me back from my college.
  8. Bad habits : Sleeping in during the day, This was mostly in the month of May and June I was dealing with some tough feelings and I just gave in to a very bad habit. Sleep. I have gotten out of this rut and with the help of many set alarms and a task schedule I will continue to do better.
  9. What Held you back: Procrastination. That has always held me back, and worry. If I could get rid of those two bad faults I would be a much more motivated person.  I am a very positive and upbeat person when I want to be. I have a habit of finding excuses and letting the tiniest of things sway me from the path I need to be on. Since reading some wonderful self help books on setting tasks where you can accomplish them I have improved. Again I will say It wasn’t till the end of the year I found this Motivation.
  10. How did you Hold Yourself back: I can easily sum it up Leaving my comfort zone. If you take everything from this post and rolled it into two word that would be them COMFORT ZONE> I have and still struggled with this. I am improving, but it is a very hard battle.

That ends today’s review. I have to say looking at Day one Compared to Day Two OUCH ! Talk about really looking in the mirror and see where the finger is pointing. I know what needs to be done this 2015 and I am going to kiss that comfort zone goodbye. Please remember if you want to know more about New Year New You By Lisa Jacobs  just click the link. Hope you found some kind of support or insight from this post and I will be back with Day Three soon.


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