End of the Year Review: Day Three

Today is Day Three of the Year Review. This is a Review I found on a blog that I am just In love with as of right now. If you are just now joining me on my blog you can follow back to Day One or Day Two. This A New Year A New You By Lisa Jacobs is a wonderful way to end 2014 and start 2015. I am always at a loss for where to start with anything. Even when I used to paint a Blank white canvas would scare the Hello out of me, I’d paint it grey or blue just to get things going and more at ease. I have been working on a business that is dear to me Younique you will see me mention it often as it is a wonderful company that influences me and many other women out there. Today’s Prompt is all about setting policies. Now you may not see a use for some of these in your personal life, but if you look at some in a new perspective they could be great policies to look further into.

We are going to be setting policies and I am needing this to guide myself and business. Thank you for reading and please come back real soon for Day Four out of Seven.

  1. The Best Way to Reach Me:     The best way to reach me is through Facebook. I do use the Facebook Messenger on my cell phone *I am not worried about the privacy issues, I looked into it and I am comfortable having the app* Second best way to reach me is through my email. Facebook Fan Page
  2. The Best Time to Reach Me:     Any Time is a good time. I try to respond as quickly as possible. If it is a weekend You will have to wait till Monday. I will see your email or post and make it priority to answer with in 24 hours. I have my kids all together every other week and Everything is all about them when they are home.
  3. How I prefer to be Treated:     I want to be treated the same way you want to be treated. I am a problem solver and I am a very caring person. Don’t abuse me or my kind nature.
  4. What I will not Tolerate:     I will not tolerate any rude or sour behavior. We are adults and need to remember that. I do not respond to negativity as I work very hard to keep it from my life.
  5. My hours of availability:     Just as any business , M-F, 9-5, If you see I am around and posting on social media go ahead and drop me a line or two.
  6. My pricing policies:     As of right now My prices are set by Younique and I cannot change that. However I do have a Secret Shop where I post special offers that cannot be publicly announced anywhere, but in that Secret Shop Group On Facebook. Check it out …I’ll add you as a member
  7. For those seeking free advice:     Advice can be given on any topic I am always a good listening ear (or reader) I do not judge and love to help if I can.
  8. my confidentiality agreement: Confidentiality is not really a part of my business at the moment, But No matter what we speak or Type of It stays between us I am not going to broadcast you to anyone else unless we have spoke on the matter of sharing what you have to offer.
  9. My Policy on collaborations: same as above
  10. My policy on refunds and returns: If you purchase a Younique Product from the Younique Website you are entitled to the Love It Guarantee.  If you receive an special offer or buy from me personally in person then there is no guarantee.

I am so glad I sat down and took the time to fill this out. My business is very important to me, just as my personal home life. I want to be there for you as well as maintain a balance of work and home.


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