#365Beautiful No.5

Ready for the #365Beautiful …No. 5 ?
This is a wonderful easy everyday look. In the picture I only have one eye done with 3D fiber Lashes..can you tell which one?
I wear this look often and it’s very subtle.

via Instagram http://ift.tt/1DzvmA9
Colors: Based color is Innocent, with Giddy all over the lids. I then used Precocious to lightly Dust the far side of my lids giving it just a touch of dimension Not heave for a smokey ere just enough color to seem shaded.I used Curious from the inner eye up to my bow bone. I sued Pristine white eye liner on my lower water line line making my eyes look whiter and bigger. I used the Precocious with our Refreshed rose water to make a liquid liner. I used it on my upper lash line and on my upper water line. “tight lining” I even took my angled brush and used the liquid Precocious on my lower lashes to give it just a hint of color to darken them. Last  for my lips I used Perky lip liner and Ladylike lip gloss.
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