#365Beautiful No.6 & No.7 “Stunning”

Looks No. 6 & 7 
This is a combo post for looks 6 and 7 , I was needing to get caught up so that I can get to doing one look a day and not three or four. I just want to say that for #365Beautiful it’s not all about eye looks I will be doing many different type and I love Suggestions. I know it’s going to get difficult at times to think of something new to try.
     I want to remind you that I don’t look at make up as something to make me beautiful or you, I look at it as a way to enhance my already there beauty. I think all women are beautiful and that you don’t have to cake it on and cover it all up to be beautiful.  Now that is said here is what I used to get these looks.
I used the same colors as in No. 5 and I dusted Stunning all over the first half of my lid and just under the first half of my lower lash line. . Then I simply Blended everything to make it look finished with a clean Deluxe Brush. Stunning is actually one of Youniques’ Blushes and not an Eye pigment. that is one of the Great thing about the products they have limitless uses.
Now we take the day time look of No.6 and set if to the evening or night out. I added a bit more Curious to the brow bone and I used Devious to get the smokey eye effect. For the Eye Liner I used Refreshed Rose Water with the Devious. I chose Devious instead of Daring because Devious has a Silver shimmer to it when Daring has a  Golden shimmer to it.
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