End of the Year Review: Day Five

If you are just joining me on my blog and you are new to the End of the year Review please follow the links to catch up. I have already Posted Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four of the A New Year A New You by Lisa Jacobs.

I have hit a snag of my review. Where Lisa started out this review I have managed to in my own fashion mess it up. (stop and just laugh at self) It is okay I will be ending here with Day Five. Because My Day 5 is really Lisa’s Day 6. I did all the same steps as Lisa I just put Day one and Two together so it leaves me finishing up differently than her. To see how Lisa did hers and to find more detail about the Review I Strongly suggest following the link above and following along with her as well.

With that said here is Day Five

Remember that worksheet Lisa gave us? Did you fill it out? I did and it was really helpful in seeing my goals laid out in a way that just breaks them apart and reminds me of what and why I am trying to accomplish Once you have picked what you want to do for each of the Five pillars you can then break them down on how you want to make each happen. On Lisa’s blog she shows you how she broke down losing weight. She suggest you get a big drawing pad to map out these and I have not bought one yet, I just used a few sheets of printer paper and Markers to make them fun and colorful.  Here is a pic of the one Lisa has on her blog :

She talked about getting a 5 subject Notebook and putting each one of the five pillars in it for each section. I really like this idea. Seeing how I did mine out on Printer paper I am going to just get a binder and fill it with notebook paper and put each one of the drawn out pages on the front of some dividers to separate the book.

It is hard to set goals and accomplish them, you always start out so gun-ho about them and ready to make all these amazing changes, sure you may even stick with them for a month or two. I am usually lucky if I make it out of that frist month.

Here is my tip for your goals: It’s okay to fail.

It is it’s okay if you make it only two weeks,then you don’t work out for three days, but don’t let it just fall all to pieces. I will give you an example

#365Beautiful, You will see this all over my blog for the rest of the year. This is a project I have set my sights on and I am very happy with it. I started it NOT on the First of January… I was late getting it launched… I should have just gave up.. I didn’t I went a head and posted and shot it across all my social media. I have had  to fight with being sick, I have fought with the bad weather, the internet going down, my wordpress not working with me, and just plain I don’t feel like getting up and doing it. I had days of work that needed to be caught up so that I was doing only one Photo Look a day. Today is the 7th of January and I had to do 3 looks for today just to get caught up.Thankfully I didn’t give up. I have a long road ahead of me. How am I going to stay motivated and keep going?…

I have set up accountability friends to keep me in check

I have set a Plan to keep me ahead during the weeks I have all my kids at home (cause it gets CRAZY)

I have mapped it all out and posted it where I can see it every day.

I even have a dry erase board on my fridge that I jot down my TO DO’s for the next Day Each night.

Sometimes just taking it day by day won’t work, and other times you have to just go with the flow. It can be rough and you will get frustrated and discouraged and just want to throw in the towel. DON’T!! You are going to fall, but it’s what you do when you stand back up. Don’t just lay there, stand up and take that step. I have a motivation board in my kitchen and on it is  five index cards that read …

  1. Reflect- What went wrong? Why am I off track?
  2. Make a Plan- How will you get back on track?
  3. Motivation- Surround yourself with it. Keep the Positive and remove the Negative.
  4. Small Goals= Large Goals- Do what you can accomplish today!
  5. Do It- Now you have what you need so get out there. You may fail again just RINSE and REPEAT 1-5

As I said at the start of this post  got “sort of ” off track with Lisa please check out her blog she as so much to offer it really is worth looking into. I am finishing with today Day five, On hers it goes for 7 days. On her Day 7 she gives you more support and ideas, as well as how to Map out !!  HIGHLY advise reading her posts all the way through before starting it will give you more info and inspiration. Check out Lisa’s Your Best Year 2015 workbook, I have already downloaded it and started working in it. Very helpful and full of supportive information to getting you to your goals this year!! And just remember that these goals for the New Year should not by any means give you anxiety There should be goals that give you that positive good feeling.

Thank you for reading and remember to follow so not to ever miss a post!!!


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