#365Beautiful Looks No.10 &No.11 and a Bonus just for fun

365 Beautiful
Looks No.10 and 11
No. 10
   I used our Lip Liners to make these nude lips. I started out lining my lips with Pouty.  I then took Posh and colored in my upper lip and half of my bottom lip. I finished the look with a dab in the center of my bottom lip with Luxe Lip gloss.
     This is a very popular look going around I used our Pristine (white) eye liner on the center of my upper and lower lips. I smudged it out  and then used Perky to line my lips and colored it in on the corners. I needed it to have a touch more dimension and I added Pompous just to the corners and blended it out with my fingers. I went over  my bottom lip with our Loveable Lip gloss.
Bonus Lip
    I am sad I was unable to get a very clear photo of this look. I used the Pristine (white) eye liner on just half of my lower and upper lips. I then used our Pompous to outline the rest of my lips and fill them in. I needed it to be a slightly darker shade once it got to the corner of my lip so I used our Proper (dark Brown) eye liner. I then used my finger to blend the colors to make them smooth out and transition neatly.
    I have a very important tip for any of these lip looks. It is important that you exfoliate your lips before. How I do this is I made my own sugar scrub lip balm and use several different methods like a wash cloth in the shower or even a old tooth brush after a shower. Seeing how it’s the winter time I use the lip scrub often, after exfoliating my lips I am sure to use a moisturizing lip balm  before I apply any lip liners. It helps any lip look go smoothly. My Favorite Lip balm is from the Plum Island Soap Co.
As always you can find me on Instagram MoodyJeana  and stay up to date with the #365Beautiful looks or You can search #365beautiful on your favorite social media and locate me that way – find these products at http://www.Youniqueproducts.com/jeanawilliams

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