I am doing it. I have given it a lot of thought and I will hold myself accountable through my blog. I am tired of being tired and I am making small changes to reach big goals.  I am going to lose 100 pounds this year. I am going to do it with Happiness!! I am going to push myself, I will NOT beat myself up over it though.  So just to kick it off here are a few of my small changes.

  1. Blogging from the bar not the bed!
  2. Standing to use the computer or sitting on the stool ( has no back ) Better posture
  3. Eat! Normally I eat one meal a day. I will start eating and doing it healthy
  4. Move No matter what it is I will move for 1 hour a day some way some how
  5. Quit Sweet Tea.

Of all these I know that No. 5 is going to be the hardest for me to stay true to. It’s UN SOUTHERN!!  Everyone knows we love our sweet tea down here in the south. I love my sweet tea !! I need to develop the habbit of making it a treat and not the only drink. SO water for the rest of January!! Now this excludes my morning shake. Gotta have that to make me function in the mornings.

Are you one a Journey?  I am a few days late starting mine, but I know I can reach my goals and I will be thankful I didn’t put them off for tomorrow. Share your Journey with me!!



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