Working our and Eating What?


So I have 178 pins on my Work Out board on Pinterest, where do you begin or start when you want to lose weight or work out? I wasn’t sure and I knew I needed to do something so I just Googled work out videos and discovered PopSugar. I wanted to share with you the work out I am doing this week. I signed up for a work out in December and I will be honest I didn’t do it. SO I will start this work out next week and Post a review about it. I really like the lady that teaches the work out and I follow her on my Facebook.  Click Natalie Jill Fit to see her Facebook page. You can check out her YouTube Channel as well HERE.    Need Modifications to of for your workouts? I have the Motivational Woman for you Coach Tulin!! I have been following her for two years now. It’s sad I only followed and not Participated! That is another reason for my WHY. You can check out her Facebook Page HERE and her Youtube Channel HERE.

    Let’s talk about eating right!

     Eating right, Eating Healthy, Eating, Eating, eating….

Yes, back to the Pinterest boards right? You and Me and Everyone else has those same pins from eating healthy to eating Magical Soup that will shed pounds. Really? I pin those same pins, I read them, I look over them, I even debate if they are really worth it.

My Plan for eating right…is undecided as of this very moment. What am I doing? I am logging all my meals for the month of January (or whats left of it). Call it my food Journal… I am watching what I eat and seeing what my averages are. So far ..My Fitness Pal tells me I am Under Eating. I knew it would tell me that… We are each on our own Journey in losing weight. Here I am 5’8″ and weighing 263lbs. I have been stuck for the last ten years between 260 and 275. WHOA…That looks so bad once you lay it out there and read it.  So what does MFP say for me to do…

  • Set goals ; Lightly Active, Lose 2lbs a week
  • 1720 Calories a day
  • work out 5 days a week at 60 mins a workout
  • Burn 2890 calories a week
  • By Feb. 24 lose 10lbs

It can seem so complicated starting out I on average as of now eat around 1000 calories a day. That is not the recommended amount. What I am going to have to do is *sighs* a meal plan. I really do not like meal plans. Once I do one up and I am all set its what is going to happen and be eaten it’s like a challenge accepted to Not eat that. My brain says NO. So my Homework for tonight is to write down all my Favorite foods and Run them through MFP and see what the calories are and Make a Meal plan that surrounds my Favorite foods. Foods that I know are Healthy and I really enjoy eating. Wish me Luck!!




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