Coffee Date

Well Hello, and Thank you for stopping by!

So Grab a seat and how do you like your coffee?  like the quote I found on Pinterest

“If my life was a Flavor,it would be coffee”


I thought it would be nice to just kick back and chat for a spell over some coffee. I know my activity has been basically Non-Existent on here and I promise I have tried to write to you. It just seems my motivation has disappeared  completely. I knew that it was bound to happen the signs were all there’s looming over me, taunting me, saying you are on the line of quitting today. Well ,HA!  I didn’t quiet. I have sat down with a cup of coffee and looked over everything and I can say what I had set out to do was great, but too much at once.

It’s like running you don’t just sit on the couch for years and then on a Tuesday jump up and run a 5k with out breaking an sweat. I tried to do this and now I am burned out and Granny just passed me up. So I need to evaluate what I want and make it where it works for me. I have my Blog, Business times 3, #365Beautiful, #100ofHappiness, daily life, job searching, kids, youtube channel, college, and Coffee. I need balance. I am not graceful  I am a Jumbled mess. So balance is something I need to work at Setting rules like I set at the start of the year and sticking to them.

I know, know you are a great friend and you are right I need to set times. If you are struggling with things like this you may want to try what I am going to try. Just like I set time aside for college and I have to time manage what I do and how I do it for a big paper that has to be done, I need to do the same for all other things. Daily life will keep going and moving there is really no way to stop it or schedule it all completely in. The other things like the blog and businesses I need to set a specific time that I will sit and focus and accomplish what needs to be done.

I have printed out some free daily planner pages to help me pencil in what I will be doing each day. From 8am till 2pm I need to manage all my time I possibly can. That way when the kids get home from school I have all my focus and time with them and I can learn how to shut off the work, work, work that keeps repeating it’s self in my brain.

How do you handle things? How do you organize or schedule things that have to be done? I would love to hear about your time management and please share all that you do or know!!


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