Before Pictures


I feel that I need to share some “Before” Pictures.  I have a few and I do not mind sharing them I have nothing to hide. It is however on the uncomfortable side then again it’s not. (does that make sense) Oh well, I found this great challenge for photos that I feel would be a great ADD to my posts during my Journey this 2015 to lose weight. I still have not bought a scale yet. I know I should, but right now I feel better just putting on a pair of jeans and them fitting less snug. I am not so drilled on the NUMBER. I am saving up to get a scale that works with a fibit or whatever they are called and works with my cell phone. So enough about all that lets  get to the pictures!! I know that’s what you are wanting to see.


    The first Two pictures were taken last year after the summer. I am not sure what the exact date was. The dress pictures were taken Yesterday 2/5/15. I will have a brand NEW before picture ready Every month on the 1st of the month. I will end each Month with a After picture. I think this will be a fun way to track progress through my Journey. I will do my best to wear the same clothes if possible or similar clothes to show progress. I will say that the black yoga pants int first two pictures can no longer be worn out side of home. The more I walk the more they walk down…lol and constantly pulling your pants up is a No go!! BUT a GOOD thing!!!

Do you want to go on the Journey with me, are you already on a Journey of your own? I would love to know!!  Do you have before or after pictures…would you share them like I have? Just some fun questions to help me get to know my readers better 🙂


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