True Friendship: Rare

    True Friendship



  I received some items from home, that is Texas, and I am proudly sitting in my dining area with two tables now. One was my grandmothers and when I first got the table it smelled of coffee. If I was feeling sad I would lay my head on the table and breath it in. It always brought me back home. The smell is now long gone and Now I have my Mothers table, Our table, the Family Table, I am siting at it now. This table brings backs memories as well. I remember sitting next to my left handed brother and having elbow fights while trying to eat. I remember many mornings of burned cheese toast being the center of attention on the table. Even the occasional hysterics of someone making mother spit tea out in a burst across the table. This table brings me Home. 

    Along with the table I received several other times and one was some precious belongings that were dear to my mother. My mother had something truly rare. This was so very rare it was a True Friend. I cannot go into detail about it because it immediately sends me into tears, my eyes are watering and I am already fighting a lump in my throat. I have memories , of my mothers final days and memories of her dearest friend being by her side. One could only wish have have a friend like this. I found a few scraps of paper  they were notes from the dear friend to my mother. I created this picture to have always in a digital way. I feel it should be shared with friends to friends. Anyhow now I am too emotional to continue to write. I hope you like this little piece of art. 

Thank you for reading. 


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