March Madness!!


Wow did time sneak up on you like it did me? I know that February is a short month and time sure can fly. Today is the 3rd of March and I just realized I needed to share my before photos. I am going to continue to work on my goal of losing 100 lbs by the end of 2015.

How am I doing?

I have to be honest HORRIBLE!! I shut down at the end of January and let things keep rolling down hill. Not only did I suffer with my weight loss goals I let business take a back seat as well and a community I help out in online coast for a while. Now that March is here and I haven’t lost ANY weight I am feeling some pressure to get off my Bum and RUN. (FYI: I cannot run)

What will I change?

I am part of Fitness Pal and I am getting better at logging in my calories and fitness (when I do something) I encourage you to join Fitness Pal and look me up!! Jeanabelle28

I HAVE to HAVE to Start working out and STAY working out 5 days at the least every week. YIKES! You always seem to start off so strong and then Blahhhhh and find yourself eating Doritos on the couch crying with Oprah..I mean that what I’ve heard….

On my to do list is to get a measuring tape and take my measurements. I know I have two of those tapes floating around somewhere I just need to locate them.

I am a Water drinking fool so that part is easy for me!! Yes Check and DONE.

Eating better and healthy is a tough one when you are on a very tight budget and you have little “I’m Hungry Mom, Monsters lurking around” ( I love those monsters by the way ) You get by switching from ground beef to turkey and then someone learns to read the word T-U-R-K-E-Y and the News spreads through the living room and everyone is on protest at the dinner table*sigh*

I have several great healthy foods I have added to my Pinterest and I am excited to start trying them out!! I will post them and my thoughts about them for you to have a look see and maybe enjoy with your family.

SO enough Jabber for one night here are the “Before Photos”  I will end with I haven’t lost any Weight (Number), but my jeans are fitting more loosely and I am loving it. These pics are not the best I have to say. It is really hard to stand in the same spot every time. I will have to look at my bathroom floor and try and mark a spot with tape or something so that I am the same distance from the mirror. I want to say that Yes I did buy a Scale one of the really cheap ones from Walmart for under $10.



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