Diy Earring Holder

      So it’s  a Rainy Saturday and what better to do than a DIY!!
     I had this old golden Mirror that had cracked and I just stuffed in a closet. I was bored and on the hunt for something fun to take up my time and I remembered the Mirror. I found some left over burlap and old paint and Make up sponges. So this was just a DIY quickly and me finding what I had laying around the house to make a Jewelry  Organizer.
Materials used:
Old mirror (or a picture frame)
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Paint (acrylic)
Paint brush (make up wedge sponge)
      I took the old mirror off and painted the frame with the make up sponge ( my kids helped) I just dabbed it all over and let some of the Gold show through the Teal. Once the frame was dry I flipped it over and started with the burlap. Using my glue gun I attached each piece I just ran the glue around the sides and glued the burlap down making sure to glue one side first and then pulling the burlap taunt and gluing down the other side. I didn’t have one solid piece of fabric so I had to do it in strips and I made sure to line up the seems and glue them together. I used the scissors to cut any access burlap that was hanging over.
      Super easy and fast project. This works great for my earrings and I am not really into much other jewelry but if I wanted to ,  I’m sure i can add a few hooks later on for bracelets or Necklaces.
I know that the First Picture shows read paint, one of my Many Helpers, had a hand in taking the before photo. I wasn’t aware of the Filter or Effect setting that was on.

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