March Madness!!


Wow did time sneak up on you like it did me? I know that February is a short month and time sure can fly. Today is the 3rd of March and I just realized I needed to share my before photos. I am going to continue to work on my goal of losing 100 lbs by the end of 2015.

How am I doing?

I have to be honest HORRIBLE!! I shut down at the end of January and let things keep rolling down hill. Not only did I suffer with my weight loss goals I let business take a back seat as well and a community I help out in online coast for a while. Now that March is here and I haven’t lost ANY weight I am feeling some pressure to get off my Bum and RUN. (FYI: I cannot run)

What will I change?

I am part of Fitness Pal and I am getting better at logging in my calories and fitness (when I do something) I encourage you to join Fitness Pal and look me up!! Jeanabelle28

I HAVE to HAVE to Start working out and STAY working out 5 days at the least every week. YIKES! You always seem to start off so strong and then Blahhhhh and find yourself eating Doritos on the couch crying with Oprah..I mean that what I’ve heard….

On my to do list is to get a measuring tape and take my measurements. I know I have two of those tapes floating around somewhere I just need to locate them.

I am a Water drinking fool so that part is easy for me!! Yes Check and DONE.

Eating better and healthy is a tough one when you are on a very tight budget and you have little “I’m Hungry Mom, Monsters lurking around” ( I love those monsters by the way ) You get by switching from ground beef to turkey and then someone learns to read the word T-U-R-K-E-Y and the News spreads through the living room and everyone is on protest at the dinner table*sigh*

I have several great healthy foods I have added to my Pinterest and I am excited to start trying them out!! I will post them and my thoughts about them for you to have a look see and maybe enjoy with your family.

SO enough Jabber for one night here are the “Before Photos”  I will end with I haven’t lost any Weight (Number), but my jeans are fitting more loosely and I am loving it. These pics are not the best I have to say. It is really hard to stand in the same spot every time. I will have to look at my bathroom floor and try and mark a spot with tape or something so that I am the same distance from the mirror. I want to say that Yes I did buy a Scale one of the really cheap ones from Walmart for under $10.



Before Pictures


I feel that I need to share some “Before” Pictures.  I have a few and I do not mind sharing them I have nothing to hide. It is however on the uncomfortable side then again it’s not. (does that make sense) Oh well, I found this great challenge for photos that I feel would be a great ADD to my posts during my Journey this 2015 to lose weight. I still have not bought a scale yet. I know I should, but right now I feel better just putting on a pair of jeans and them fitting less snug. I am not so drilled on the NUMBER. I am saving up to get a scale that works with a fibit or whatever they are called and works with my cell phone. So enough about all that lets  get to the pictures!! I know that’s what you are wanting to see.


    The first Two pictures were taken last year after the summer. I am not sure what the exact date was. The dress pictures were taken Yesterday 2/5/15. I will have a brand NEW before picture ready Every month on the 1st of the month. I will end each Month with a After picture. I think this will be a fun way to track progress through my Journey. I will do my best to wear the same clothes if possible or similar clothes to show progress. I will say that the black yoga pants int first two pictures can no longer be worn out side of home. The more I walk the more they walk down…lol and constantly pulling your pants up is a No go!! BUT a GOOD thing!!!

Do you want to go on the Journey with me, are you already on a Journey of your own? I would love to know!!  Do you have before or after pictures…would you share them like I have? Just some fun questions to help me get to know my readers better 🙂

Challenge!! Join Me!







So I haven’t been on here as of late and for that I apologize. It boils down to two reasons, I’m a procrastinator and I let life’s little stress beat each other up until I just couldn’t take it. So I feel that I need to do an update on whats going on with me and my Goals for weight loss.


I was ready to jump right in there and do my exercises and I won’t lie it’s been hit and miss. So to Correct this mess I am accepting a challenge from a MFP friend and Starting Feb. 1st I am doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I even have my sister on board with me. You can find it on Youtube or purchase it from Walmart for $10. So who is with me??

I want to just hit on what I have been doing about food since I mentioned that I let life and stress take over. I haven’t been doing good as I would love to say. My problem is not over eating it’s under eating. I average 500 calories a day. So starting Feb. 1st I am going to have my meals all pre-planned and ready to go. I have notice I do better on days I have entered what I am Going to eat than when I wait till the end of the day to enter what I scratched up and ate. Does that make sense?

Wish you the best in your Healthy choices!! Please comment if you are on board and joining me for the work out Challenge.* I know Feb doesn’t have 30 days in it so I will be squeezing in a extra work out here and there to make up for it!!

Working our and Eating What?


So I have 178 pins on my Work Out board on Pinterest, where do you begin or start when you want to lose weight or work out? I wasn’t sure and I knew I needed to do something so I just Googled work out videos and discovered PopSugar. I wanted to share with you the work out I am doing this week. I signed up for a work out in December and I will be honest I didn’t do it. SO I will start this work out next week and Post a review about it. I really like the lady that teaches the work out and I follow her on my Facebook.  Click Natalie Jill Fit to see her Facebook page. You can check out her YouTube Channel as well HERE.    Need Modifications to of for your workouts? I have the Motivational Woman for you Coach Tulin!! I have been following her for two years now. It’s sad I only followed and not Participated! That is another reason for my WHY. You can check out her Facebook Page HERE and her Youtube Channel HERE.

    Let’s talk about eating right!

     Eating right, Eating Healthy, Eating, Eating, eating….

Yes, back to the Pinterest boards right? You and Me and Everyone else has those same pins from eating healthy to eating Magical Soup that will shed pounds. Really? I pin those same pins, I read them, I look over them, I even debate if they are really worth it.

My Plan for eating right…is undecided as of this very moment. What am I doing? I am logging all my meals for the month of January (or whats left of it). Call it my food Journal… I am watching what I eat and seeing what my averages are. So far ..My Fitness Pal tells me I am Under Eating. I knew it would tell me that… We are each on our own Journey in losing weight. Here I am 5’8″ and weighing 263lbs. I have been stuck for the last ten years between 260 and 275. WHOA…That looks so bad once you lay it out there and read it.  So what does MFP say for me to do…

  • Set goals ; Lightly Active, Lose 2lbs a week
  • 1720 Calories a day
  • work out 5 days a week at 60 mins a workout
  • Burn 2890 calories a week
  • By Feb. 24 lose 10lbs

It can seem so complicated starting out I on average as of now eat around 1000 calories a day. That is not the recommended amount. What I am going to have to do is *sighs* a meal plan. I really do not like meal plans. Once I do one up and I am all set its what is going to happen and be eaten it’s like a challenge accepted to Not eat that. My brain says NO. So my Homework for tonight is to write down all my Favorite foods and Run them through MFP and see what the calories are and Make a Meal plan that surrounds my Favorite foods. Foods that I know are Healthy and I really enjoy eating. Wish me Luck!!





I am doing it. I have given it a lot of thought and I will hold myself accountable through my blog. I am tired of being tired and I am making small changes to reach big goals.  I am going to lose 100 pounds this year. I am going to do it with Happiness!! I am going to push myself, I will NOT beat myself up over it though.  So just to kick it off here are a few of my small changes.

  1. Blogging from the bar not the bed!
  2. Standing to use the computer or sitting on the stool ( has no back ) Better posture
  3. Eat! Normally I eat one meal a day. I will start eating and doing it healthy
  4. Move No matter what it is I will move for 1 hour a day some way some how
  5. Quit Sweet Tea.

Of all these I know that No. 5 is going to be the hardest for me to stay true to. It’s UN SOUTHERN!!  Everyone knows we love our sweet tea down here in the south. I love my sweet tea !! I need to develop the habbit of making it a treat and not the only drink. SO water for the rest of January!! Now this excludes my morning shake. Gotta have that to make me function in the mornings.

Are you one a Journey?  I am a few days late starting mine, but I know I can reach my goals and I will be thankful I didn’t put them off for tomorrow. Share your Journey with me!!