Disney Freebie!!


Who doesn’t like a good freebie!! Who doesn’t like Disney!! I stumbled across this Freebie in my email and had to try it out. I am always a skeptic and wondered what is the catch. There was no catch exactly…. The whole thing was 100% free only thing was if you wanted to unlock the extra content you had to fill out a small “whats your name and email” that’s all.

So what do you get for FREE?  A Disney Family Car Decal. How cool is that!!.

Its super simple and a fun way to get the family involved in picking out what they will wear on the dream vacation!!


The other great thing is not only do you get a decal for your car or truck you can download your decal photo to your computer to have. I will be honest i have mine as my background for my laptop.  Hope you enjoy this and I wish you all the best and a future happy vacation to Disney!!! Get your Decal Here Build Your Disney Side

I have a Brand New Facebook Group Page set up Just for my Blog I would love to see your Decal photos so please join the group and share with us!! MoodyNews on Facebook

I have a Pinterest board set up for ” My Disney Side” I would love to see your family decals!!

How to share your decal with me on Pinterest:

First find me on Pinterest 🙂 https://www.pinterest.com/JeanaMoody28/my-disney-side/v

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Shoot me a message that you are following and want to be added to the Disney Side Board

I can’t wait to see your decals!!


Diy Earring Holder

      So it’s  a Rainy Saturday and what better to do than a DIY!!
     I had this old golden Mirror that had cracked and I just stuffed in a closet. I was bored and on the hunt for something fun to take up my time and I remembered the Mirror. I found some left over burlap and old paint and Make up sponges. So this was just a DIY quickly and me finding what I had laying around the house to make a Jewelry  Organizer.
Materials used:
Old mirror (or a picture frame)
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Paint (acrylic)
Paint brush (make up wedge sponge)
      I took the old mirror off and painted the frame with the make up sponge ( my kids helped) I just dabbed it all over and let some of the Gold show through the Teal. Once the frame was dry I flipped it over and started with the burlap. Using my glue gun I attached each piece I just ran the glue around the sides and glued the burlap down making sure to glue one side first and then pulling the burlap taunt and gluing down the other side. I didn’t have one solid piece of fabric so I had to do it in strips and I made sure to line up the seems and glue them together. I used the scissors to cut any access burlap that was hanging over.
      Super easy and fast project. This works great for my earrings and I am not really into much other jewelry but if I wanted to ,  I’m sure i can add a few hooks later on for bracelets or Necklaces.
I know that the First Picture shows read paint, one of my Many Helpers, had a hand in taking the before photo. I wasn’t aware of the Filter or Effect setting that was on.

D.I.Y: WaterColor Mugs

Yes, It’s So Easy!

I was needing to make a cute craft for the kids teachers this Valentines’ day and I stumbled across this video:

     It really is that simple to make. The kids loved picking out what colors to use and making the cups for their teachers. I managed to find the cups at wal-mart for 0.88 cents each. The only thing I forgot to buy was the sealer spray, I strongly suggest getting it. I told the teachers that they were not sealed and needed to be if they intended to actually drink from them other than that they could use them to hold pens or other things or just put them up.

     Would you try this? Have you tried this? I would love to see if you have!!!

D.I.Y : Gratitude Journals

Gratitude Journals

I have noticed that writing what you are thankful for is a very popular trend during Thanksgiving or during the whole month of November. Why should it only be that month? Aren’t your thankful for things all year long? Why not involve the kiddos too!!

So This DIY is on making Gratitude Journals. I had some things already on hand like

  • Crafting scissors
  • Glue or mod podge
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Yarn
  • Printer paper
  • Hole punch
  • Ruled paper

You can use anything you like honestly you are only limited by your imagination. There is honestly no wrong way or right way to make the books. IF you are not that crafty you can always pick up a small book or pad at any store like Wal-Mart or a craft store.

These are the books I made for my three kids. Each is different.


I wanted to make the first books for my kids as a gift and next set of books I am going to let them decorate. I wanted to have some Guide Lines for the kids to follow like

  1. Name and date on the front cover (start)
  2. Write or Draw two things you are happy for, Thankful for, or glad about
  3. We do this every night after dinner
  4. They turn the books in to me after they are done
  5. We sign and date them when we have filled the book and tie it shut
  6. Store the finished book in a treasure chest
  7. Read them at the end of the year
  8. keep it simple and fun

So far we have done two days in our books. The kids loved them and were very excited to get started on them. We all need to put more positive in this negative world. Bringing my kids together at the dinner table to write happy things down and just before bed( good dreams). DO you Journal? DO you have a Gratitude Journal? Would this be something you’d do with your family? I would love to know !!


So remember when house were a kid and your mom would threaten to clean your room for you if you didn’t do it first? Remember the inspection!!! Blah, you would be scared she found out that you didn’t fold the clothes before you put them in the drawers or that you have hidden things here and there. Never under the bed it’s always the first place she looks!! I do this to my kids. I tell them make the room Vacuum ready! It usually works, but some days it’s a full force hurricane going on and I don’t mean a messy house. Emotions!!

SO this post is about being “Inspection” ready. I live in some very nice apartments and we have three bedrooms. We receive notices of inspections. They want everything just so. I am the kind of person that freaks out and is like scrub everything. If they say new oven covers, I want to run to the store and get new covers. Marshall on the other hand is very level headed and says don’t worry about it. So once the wave of panic has passed I break out the D.I.Y cleaning tips and tricks. So want to be Inspection ready?

First tip if your oven top is like mine open the top and lay down some tinfoil. This will catch what the oven burner cover misses. Makes for fast easy clean up.

Second tip always ALWAYS have Vinegar and baking soda in the house.  I scrub everything with this stuff. It is great for cleaning the fridge, cabinets, counter tops, stove tops, bath tubs, and carpet.

Here is what I did to remove some carpet stains:

Mixed in a bowl of hot water a squirt of dish liquid, and a shot of apple cider vinegar. Then I sprinkled baking soda on the spot on the carpet and blotted the liquid mix over it till it went away.  Below is some before and after pictures.

Third and I think this is the best tip when living in a apartment with kids, have a chore chart. During the week each kid has chores to do and shared chores. I make them clean their rooms together and the living room together. This way if an inspection pops up all we have to do is sweep and mop. I hope some of this has helped you and I have many more tips and tricks for cleaning on my Pinterest page so please look me up!! (JeanaMoody28)

*November Thankful* I am thankful for my apartment. I needed this apartment and it was some what a last minute things trying to get into it. I was able too and a year later I am still here and cannot complain. It’s not perfect and we had to fight the roaches at first. Now it is feeling homey and I am glad to have a nice place to live when finding places to rent around here are like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

Before (bed)

Before (bed)

After (bed)

   After (bed)










Before Infront of Dresser

  Before Infront of Dresser

After infront  of Dresser

After infront of Dresser  

D.I.Y. Lip scrub / Refill

So winter is either here or just around the corner for us. I live in the south so it hasn’t officially hit us just as of yet. Here nor there the one thing that happens every winter is CRACKED DRIED LIPS!! If you are like me I cannot stand putting on any kind of lip gloss or lip stick when my lips look like dried up cracked mud. Then you buy the lip balm and everything else trying to fix them. I will tell you my favorite remedy to this is Exfoliation! Many of us don’t stop and think about if you have exfoliated your lips or not. I will be honest a year back I could have cared less. Now that I sell make up and it’s important to look your best and also have awesome tips to pass along *smile*

I love my Minty Eos lip balm and I was thinking how wonderful would it be o add some sugar to it and make it a refreshing lip scrub for the winter. So I hopped on Pinterest and only found one tutorial. Now I will say I didn’t spend long searching for it, so there could be more than one out there, but if I type in something three times, three different ways and get only one result it’s time to roll up my sleeves and figure it out for my self.

So  here is my Newest D.I.Y.wpid-20141106_164510.jpg

Above is the Finished Project, I would have posted a before picture, but just as it dawned on me to take pictures for a tutorial I had already started.


This shows what the pod looks like once you have scraped out the lip balm. What you are going to do next can seem tricky, but once you actually have the pod in hand you can easily see what I am talking about 🙂




In this photo you can see all the components of the pod, I think some people call them eggs, but for this blog I will call it a pod. I simply took a spoon and scooped out the lip balm into a cup, I then used a butter knife and placed it along the edge of the wheel looking pat. If you look close to the pod before its wheel looking part is removed you will see that the top and bottom have a flat edge like for your finger. It’s a smooth edge , once the pod is opened and the lip balm scooped out you can take a butter knife to that flat edge and slid the knife between the shell and wheel and it just pops out.


Melt the lip balm or a lip balm you have made your self. I just used the lip balm that came with the pod. I placed it in the microwave and heated it 15 seconds at a time stopping to give it a stir. Best to chop it up smaller that way it will heat more evenly. ONLY do this 15 seconds or 10 seconds at a time and STOPPING to check it. TRUST me you do not want BURNED lip balm EWW.  Please use CAUTION as well as contents and container may become hot and It could BURN.


Now that it is all nice and melted I waited about a Minute to a Minute and a Half just to let it cool a tiny bit before adding in my table sugar. I didn’t want to add it straight out +the microwave for fear it may completely melt it.


As you can see I have added the sugar I just poured it in. I will be honest no Measuring was involved. I would say I used a Table spoon or Two. If and when I do this again I will Measure it out. I added a bit too MUCH sugar. Not an over TOOO much, but I wish I had added just a bit less so that it was not as crumbly as it turned out. It is a Personal Preference as to how much but keep in mind you want it to hold its form and when you apply you want it to keep shape and not fall apart. *HINT* if you add too much sugar and want to salvage it You could add a bit of melted Coconut oil to the mix. I just didn’t have any on hand.


Now time to fill the container. Remember that wheel-shaped part of the pod one side snaps into the bottom the other screws into the top of the lid. What I did was spooned some mixture into the lid  just about half way. then I screwed the wheel part onto the lid and spooned more mixture in and using the back of my spoon I pushed the mix down into the top of the lid.


I kept going to fill the pod (top part and wheel) completely  making sure I packed it down.


I then used the last of the mix and filled the bottom part of the pod just because I didn’t want to waste any of the mix. make sure you don’t fill it too full of when closing the pod it will not pop back together. I figured that once the top part of the pod was empty I could remove the wheel part later in time and use the mix out of the bottom (hate to waste). Try and clean up the edges so that no sugar gets caught when closing the pod.


Simply snap the pod back closed and wait about 5 minutes or long enough to clean up any mess you may have made on the counter. Giving the pod time to compress and the oil/lip balm to harden.


d to the beginning photo haha. OR the end product. Now you have an amazing sugar scrub to keep your lips soft and kissable this winter and you will be able to relax and enjoy all the amazing darker lip colors of the seasons from the dark plums to the bright reds you will rock this season.

I want to take minute to also share some products you may love I sell Younique and I am happy to say that we offer some really beautiful products to give you that perfect Holiday/Seasonal look. We have lip pencils that stay put and will not budge until you are ready to take them off. We have beautiful Lip gloss that leave your lips silky smooth and not sticky or tacky. ANNNDDD We have an AMAZING KUDOS this November  Picture posted below. SO please take a look at my site and enjoy. https://www.youniqueproducts.com/JeanaWilliams/products/kudos#.VFwMuPnF-zA

Younique's November Kudos

Younique’s November Kudos



Younique’s November Kudos


D.I.Y. Coconut, Coffee, Sugar Scrub Cubes

Ready for a little DIY!! I know that I sure am. I have a serious addiction to Pinterest and right now I am pinning away at anything soap or soap like on my Pinterest. I have so many it’s crazy. I honestly use Pinterest as a stress relief. When I am stressed, board, or just needing to pass time I am on there searching random things. I had a free day yesterday and decided to make some SUGAR SCRUB CUBES!! I looked around my kitchen to see what ingredients where around and found Coffee, Coconut Oil, and some RAW sugar.

PicMonkey Collage

These are the ingredients I used. Again I just looked for what I had in my cabinets and it is not a have to have. I used Sugar in the Raw, Coconut oil, Coffee, I also used a Ice tray and some small cupcake wrappers to make easy removal from the tray. I didn’t follow a particular Pinterest  Pin, I just did equal parts of each ingredients. The main reason why I did equal parts is I only had 1/2 a cup of coconut oil left.

  1. Mix the sugar and coffee together in a bowl
  2. In a separate  bowl I heated the coconut up for only 15 seconds in the microwave. That is all you need. Coconut oil has a very low melting point . You don’t want to over heat it just get it warm and stir, it will melt the rest.
  3. Then I mixed the ingredients together
  4. Using a small spoon I spooned the mixture into the cupcake wrappers and then pushed them down into the ice tray with the end of my spoon.
  5. Placed the tray into the freezer and that’s where they stay.

When I need or want one I just go to the freezer and grab one and unwrap it. They feel amazing and the coconut oil really moisturizes your skin while the coffee and sugar exfoliate. I do have some pointers and recommendations. I use my scrub cubes out of the shower!! Coconut oil is the type of oil that can and will solidify when it gets cold. If You are  using a lot it can possibly cause drain or clogged pipes issues. I live in an apartment so I cannot take any chances here!! I simply lay down a towel and scrub my legs and arms. I use two cubes for my legs and arms together. You could make a bigger batch and make them in a muffin tin or even a silicon mold would be great!!.  It’s getting close to winter here in the south so I am going to be making a bigger batch myself to fight off the dry skin of winter.

I hope this was helpful and you enjoyed this tutorial. More pictures with tips below.


Remember I said i used equal parts to mix…well here are the cubes after being in the freezer for an hour (not that they needed to be there that long) This was one of the first ones I made and as you can see it’s sort of chunky looking like a volcanic rock.


This is the side view and bottom of that same cube. Still more like a rock and I was worried it would be too rough on my skin. I was very surprised it was not too harsh on MY skin. This said it may be for yours.


This is a cube that I used the last of the mixture with. It was a bit more liquid to it and I personally like this best .


Here is the side view of the same cube. It has more of the coconut oil in it and it takes a littler longer to get to the sugar and coffee. I would recommend this if you don’t like it to be too abrasive on your skin or if you are scrubbing delicate areas of the body. Just simply add more coconut oil.

Clean up Tips !

As I said above the oil could if used a lot clog up your sink or tub so when I washed up the dishes I made sure that I wiped out the bowls and the spoon very well with a paper towel. Then I washed them in very warm soapy  water.  Also if you do use the scrub cubes in the tub or shower I would be careful, because  the oil could cause the surfaces it comes in contact with to become slippery.

Message: Do what you love!! Even if you think you couldn’t do it give it a try. You never know unless you go for it. I love doing D.I.Y.’s and they are usually inexpensive and fun.

Question: Have you ever done any of the Pinterest pins? Did it work out? I’d love to hear about your experience and please if you did this one I’d love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading and best of luck on your D. I .Y endeavors.