Radiant Beauty Collection

Yes! I made my first Purchase of the NEW collections and I am so very excited about getting it in. I went with the Radiant Beauty Collection for $195.

I really needed many items from this kit and I just as YOU want to get the best deal Possible. Here is a handy Break down of how I Saved purchasing a collection Instead of just buying everything separate.

This is everything that comes in the Radiant Beauty Collection. You get all of these products for only $195. In the picture above I have put everything with their prices so you can see what you are paying for each if you purchased them individually. The total of the Collection comes out to $225 WOW. That is a lot of money, you are saving $30 when you purchase the collection instead of buy each item individually.

What I got in my Collection

I thought you might like to know what I picked for my collection, the beauty of the collections are you get to pick and choose like when you purchase a collection that comes with a Mineral Touch Foundation or Pressed Powder. Since this collection only offers one to choose from I went with the Pressed Powder in the shade Cashmere. You get to choose what color of Beachfront Bronzer you want as well I chose Malibu. I picked my favorite lip gloss color LoveSick and I really like the face cleanser in Clean, but once the summer heat kicks up I will switch over to the Clear for my oily skin.

How much did I really Pay for my Collection

The collection costs $195, But I only Paid $97.50!! How did I do that? I host parties and when People make purchases from the party I earn rewards and it’s not just because I am a presenter you can do exactly the same and earn as well!! I had a 1/2 purchase left over from a party and decided to use it when this purchase. What a perfect way to SAVE!!. of course I am not including Tax and Shipping $5.50.

Want to know more?

If you would like what we call a “Lash Link” I can set you up with one. It is simply your choice of how long you want it to last like 3, 5, 10 days. I will set it up and send the link to you and you may share it however you wish. If you receive purchases you can earn Y-Cash and even 1/2 off.  This is simple and easy and a great way to help you save on your purchases and always when you order off the site you are able to use the LOVE IT Guarantee.

Right now !!

Right now I have a party going on or a Lash Link that is set up for our NEW PRODUCTS Click here to Shop (ends March 6th, 2015 ) if the party qualifies I will be giving a Surprise New Product to one of the people that made a purchase in that party and Starting Today If you purchase our New Lip Stains, The first Four People to purchase a lip stain or collection with a lip stain will receive a free gift. You have to remember to contact me with your order number so that I can send you your gift.


One more way to save if you purchase over $75 dollars of product you will receive $10 Y-Cash


Spring Ready?

Yes, it is March 1st and I don’t know about you, but I am all about getting rid of the old and bringing on the new!! This week I am going to share the Out with the Old and In with the New. I have several new things going on in my home that I want to share with you, but today this post is all about Younique and their Spring Cleaning.

Younique has jumped into spring ready and I can barely contain my excitement. I knew some of these products were coming from convention and then the Surprise of the brand new products was so amazing.

Old Product New Look

Some of our products got a Face lift for spring

 From loose powder blushers to a New Compact pressed powder with a mirror I am in love with the Blushers new look. To be honest I cannot count the number of times I dumped my powder on the floor. Glorious face and eye primer got a New look as well. The went out with the old pump and the struggle of getting the last bit out of the glass container to a new and sleek squeeze tube. I love this primer I honestly wasn’t the kind of person that ever used primer before and Once I tried Glorious I was in love, but to be fair I went out and tested it against other primers and it still stood strong against the rest.

New Products to Fall in Love with

Younique has released some New products that are made to fall in love with

Looking at this Photo you may remember two of the products featured as Kudos: Blending Buds and Lip Stain! While the blending buds are excatly the same as the ones featured in the Kudos the Lip Stains are not the same from the Kudos, The Stain for the November Kudo was an EXCLUSIVE offer and will not be coming back EVER!  So the NEW lip stains are just as amazing and I was told that the Sultry Stain is very close in color as the November Kudo Stain. There re 7 Colors to choose from and you will find these in the NEW collections as well!! We have three new Bronzers and Shine Make up removing wipes!! Also we have NEW eyeshadow that’s a Cream .


Yes our Collections received  new Look and new set ups. Over the next week I will break these collections down and Share how bundling is saving. I am super excited about the new cases. I really was not a fan of the silver cases. My wish for Younique is to develop a way to create your own collection!! That way you can pick and choose what you want and it work out from there.  Below are the Collections and their names with pricing. The wonderful and don’t forget is we offer the LOVE it Guarantee !!  Make a purchase and when you do let me know Contact me and I will send you a Free Gift *limited while supplies last*  Here are some links to get you where you need to go:

Collections   March Kudo

Lip Stains    Bronzers    Shine Make up remover     Splurge Cream Eyeshadow       Blending Buds       Blushers        Glorious Eye and Face Primer

Pucker Up Collection $99

Kid In A Candy Store Collections $115

Show Stopper Collection $155

About Face $175

All Eyes On You $185 

Radiant Beauty Collection $195

Look No.18 simple look I found in a magazine. #365Beautiful #UrBeautiful







Look No.18



This look is another to consider for Valentines Day.

From pinterest

I hope you like this look and my other looks!! #365Beautiful is a project I have going on for the entire year of 2015. You can follow along on my Instagram: Moodjeana or on my other social media like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. I even have Tutorial Tuesday Videos and Throw Back Thursday Videos on my Youtube Channel. I know I am going to need inspiration later on in the year and I would love for you to help me out. You can tell me about looks you’d like to see me try on my Facebook Page. Just follow the link under the Eye Picture.  My blogging skills are always improving and as I get better you will see changes. I have been in a wonderful creative mood and enjoying PicMonkey.com to help me create the “Get the Look Cards”, My #365Beautiful Logo, My Youtube Thumbnails,  and My Signature Logo. Thank you so much for reading!!



#365Beautiful No.17



Look No. 17

This look is my all time NEW Favorite look. I am so glad I took the time to Blend and Mix these colors to get this amazing olive green color. I love how rich it makes my brown eyes look I could only Imagine what it would do to Green eyes!!

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If you are wanting to try these products you can find them at http://www.Youniqueproducts.com/Jeanawilliams