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Yes I marked this a URGENT and a Must READ, not to mention a have to SHARE.

Google searched Img

Google searched Img

Do you have children? Do they have TV’s in their rooms? Do you leave the T.V. on in their rooms for bed time? I was one of those  moms for a long time. However when I moved into my own apartment and decided to make a complete New life I ruled out late night TV baby sitting. Now don’t get me wrong I was all for letting the kids have a all niter Saturday night TV marathon. Call it a treat for being good. Soon though I notice that this was not a positive reward and it was not working with my rules and my kids ( I don’t judge others, if this works for you in your house that is perfectly fine). The boys share a room ages 6 and 11, and my daughter age 5 has her own room. The boys couldn’t let up in the fighting and the TV was removed. My daughter still has her TV, and I still put her to bed with the TV on unless she is bad. Her TV only plays one channel Sprout by PBS. It has a timer shut off and it locks with a pin code before it can be turned back on. Our living room has a TV as well and it locks down at 9 pm on weekdays and 11 pm on weekends. It also has the same pin code and is protecting against certain ratings so that the kids cannot watch anything unless I approve of first.

My concern that has me just MOODY or mad is what goes on the Cartoon Network / Adult Swim. Okay there are some day time cartoon network shows I disprove of personally and for my children. There are some Adult Swim Shows I disprove of Personally as well. NOTICE: Adult Swim is not for kids PERIOD!!! I personally enjoy watching some King of the Hill, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, American Dad and Robot Chicken. I am guilty of letting the oldest watch some “Family Guy or Cleveland Show”  That has changed since I have set the prenatal locks on the TV’s that is not happening any more.

What is however on an Adult Personal Level WRONG with the adult cartoon shows is MR. Pickles, SuperJail, The heart she holler, and your pretty face is going to hell. So can you guess the theme for these shows? Hell!! Okay, okay, okay I am all for what ever you believe is all fine and dandy, this is however in regards to DO you know what your kids may be watching at night? They made fun of our Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry, but this is pure Brain ROT.

So I urge you to make sure you know what your kids may be exposed to on TV late at night. If you are like me and find this to be. I cringe at thinking about my kids sleeping over and being exposed to this garbage at night. The other parents may not care, or they just may not even know anything about it. So I find myself needing to just voice my opinion and felt the need to let my friends and family know that this is on TV and it starts as early as 10:30 pm depending on what package of TV you have.

I am by no means Perfect as a parent Geez I get it wrong 90% of the time, I am proud that I do know what is rolling across or not across my TV screens in my House and if your Kids ever stay with us You can rest assured that they will not be watching any Brain Rot here. I am not in any way judging others and what they allow to go on in their house just look at this post and a Public Notice. Thank you for reading.

Thankful Note: I am thankful that My eyes are more open that what they may have been in the past. I was almost walking in a fog for years and just letting things move past me and not caring, I will keep working on keeping my eyes open and not slumping back in to my old habits. Not only for me but for my family and children as well. What are you thankful for?


It’s okay to say No


Ever tried to tell someone NO. Then right after you say no you are explaining why your saying no? I have done this….. always. I would do this with friends, family, my ex husband,  my children and even strangers. Why? Sure there may be a real need to explain why you are saying no. I explain to my kids why I say no. It drove me crazy when my mom would say ” because I am the momma and I said so”. I am glad to know I have managed to refrain from saying this exactly, but I will admit to having  re-worded it. I will tell my kids no and explain the reason why, this way they understand that I’m not just being mean and they will also know that in future cases what will always be a NO.

Saying no to everyone else…first of all its tough. You say other things than the word “no”, like not today or I don’t think so. You are leaving that door open.Shut it! If in your heart and mind your screaming No then say it and “let your no mean no and your yes mean yes”!

Now, don’t explain it. This is a hard lesson for me. I have been going through a divorce and saying no didn’t come easy. Sticking to my wants was hard. I am glad to say that a very empowering moment for me was during an argument of constant repeating itself, I said no, and just walked away. I walked away , I didn’t look back, I didn’t say anything else, no explanation,  no let me make myself clear. I walked away and the further away I walked the stronger I became. I will say I noticed that at that moment he saw a new person and he didn’t like it. Gone was the Jeana that let everyone push her around. During a divorce you have to say NO a lot and I was not used to telling this person of all people NO. I had to say No and walk away, shut the door, or even drive off.  It has become easier to say no. I do still struggling at times, but those moments when I take charge and just say NO and walk away. I savor those moments.

So message today is take charge and empower your own self. Take back the control you give others. They don’t need an explanation they just need to be told NO. In its simplicity there is so much power.

Question: do you find yourself making excuses or explaining yourself, your choices, your No’s?  (STOP IT)