Spring Ready?

Yes, it is March 1st and I don’t know about you, but I am all about getting rid of the old and bringing on the new!! This week I am going to share the Out with the Old and In with the New. I have several new things going on in my home that I want to share with you, but today this post is all about Younique and their Spring Cleaning.

Younique has jumped into spring ready and I can barely contain my excitement. I knew some of these products were coming from convention and then the Surprise of the brand new products was so amazing.

Old Product New Look

Some of our products got a Face lift for spring

 From loose powder blushers to a New Compact pressed powder with a mirror I am in love with the Blushers new look. To be honest I cannot count the number of times I dumped my powder on the floor. Glorious face and eye primer got a New look as well. The went out with the old pump and the struggle of getting the last bit out of the glass container to a new and sleek squeeze tube. I love this primer I honestly wasn’t the kind of person that ever used primer before and Once I tried Glorious I was in love, but to be fair I went out and tested it against other primers and it still stood strong against the rest.

New Products to Fall in Love with

Younique has released some New products that are made to fall in love with

Looking at this Photo you may remember two of the products featured as Kudos: Blending Buds and Lip Stain! While the blending buds are excatly the same as the ones featured in the Kudos the Lip Stains are not the same from the Kudos, The Stain for the November Kudo was an EXCLUSIVE offer and will not be coming back EVER!  So the NEW lip stains are just as amazing and I was told that the Sultry Stain is very close in color as the November Kudo Stain. There re 7 Colors to choose from and you will find these in the NEW collections as well!! We have three new Bronzers and Shine Make up removing wipes!! Also we have NEW eyeshadow that’s a Cream .


Yes our Collections received  new Look and new set ups. Over the next week I will break these collections down and Share how bundling is saving. I am super excited about the new cases. I really was not a fan of the silver cases. My wish for Younique is to develop a way to create your own collection!! That way you can pick and choose what you want and it work out from there.  Below are the Collections and their names with pricing. The wonderful and don’t forget is we offer the LOVE it Guarantee !!  Make a purchase and when you do let me know Contact me and I will send you a Free Gift *limited while supplies last*  Here are some links to get you where you need to go:

Collections   March Kudo

Lip Stains    Bronzers    Shine Make up remover     Splurge Cream Eyeshadow       Blending Buds       Blushers        Glorious Eye and Face Primer

Pucker Up Collection $99

Kid In A Candy Store Collections $115

Show Stopper Collection $155

About Face $175

All Eyes On You $185 

Radiant Beauty Collection $195


D.I.Y: WaterColor Mugs

Yes, It’s So Easy!

I was needing to make a cute craft for the kids teachers this Valentines’ day and I stumbled across this video:

     It really is that simple to make. The kids loved picking out what colors to use and making the cups for their teachers. I managed to find the cups at wal-mart for 0.88 cents each. The only thing I forgot to buy was the sealer spray, I strongly suggest getting it. I told the teachers that they were not sealed and needed to be if they intended to actually drink from them other than that they could use them to hold pens or other things or just put them up.

     Would you try this? Have you tried this? I would love to see if you have!!!

D.I.Y : Gratitude Journals

Gratitude Journals

I have noticed that writing what you are thankful for is a very popular trend during Thanksgiving or during the whole month of November. Why should it only be that month? Aren’t your thankful for things all year long? Why not involve the kiddos too!!

So This DIY is on making Gratitude Journals. I had some things already on hand like

  • Crafting scissors
  • Glue or mod podge
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Yarn
  • Printer paper
  • Hole punch
  • Ruled paper

You can use anything you like honestly you are only limited by your imagination. There is honestly no wrong way or right way to make the books. IF you are not that crafty you can always pick up a small book or pad at any store like Wal-Mart or a craft store.

These are the books I made for my three kids. Each is different.


I wanted to make the first books for my kids as a gift and next set of books I am going to let them decorate. I wanted to have some Guide Lines for the kids to follow like

  1. Name and date on the front cover (start)
  2. Write or Draw two things you are happy for, Thankful for, or glad about
  3. We do this every night after dinner
  4. They turn the books in to me after they are done
  5. We sign and date them when we have filled the book and tie it shut
  6. Store the finished book in a treasure chest
  7. Read them at the end of the year
  8. keep it simple and fun

So far we have done two days in our books. The kids loved them and were very excited to get started on them. We all need to put more positive in this negative world. Bringing my kids together at the dinner table to write happy things down and just before bed( good dreams). DO you Journal? DO you have a Gratitude Journal? Would this be something you’d do with your family? I would love to know !!

True Friendship: Rare

    True Friendship



  I received some items from home, that is Texas, and I am proudly sitting in my dining area with two tables now. One was my grandmothers and when I first got the table it smelled of coffee. If I was feeling sad I would lay my head on the table and breath it in. It always brought me back home. The smell is now long gone and Now I have my Mothers table, Our table, the Family Table, I am siting at it now. This table brings backs memories as well. I remember sitting next to my left handed brother and having elbow fights while trying to eat. I remember many mornings of burned cheese toast being the center of attention on the table. Even the occasional hysterics of someone making mother spit tea out in a burst across the table. This table brings me Home. 

    Along with the table I received several other times and one was some precious belongings that were dear to my mother. My mother had something truly rare. This was so very rare it was a True Friend. I cannot go into detail about it because it immediately sends me into tears, my eyes are watering and I am already fighting a lump in my throat. I have memories , of my mothers final days and memories of her dearest friend being by her side. One could only wish have have a friend like this. I found a few scraps of paper  they were notes from the dear friend to my mother. I created this picture to have always in a digital way. I feel it should be shared with friends to friends. Anyhow now I am too emotional to continue to write. I hope you like this little piece of art. 

Thank you for reading. 

February Kudos and Hostess Rewards

Cupid’s arrow has struck not once, but twice! During the entire month of February Younique has TWO incredible Kudos for you to take advantage of.

I have completely fallen for our Customer Kudos: the Love It Bundle. This giftable, limited edition Glam Bag comes loaded with must-have beauty essentials including a Passionate Precision Eye Liner, Lovesick Lucrative Lip Gloss, and Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. You can have this adorable bag and fabulous product for just $50 US, $60 CA, $65 AU, $70 NZ, £39 UK. There is no better way to create exquisitely lined eyes, sheer and shimmering lips, and forget-me-not lashes with this special while supplies last Kudos.

To add to the perks, Younique also has a Hostess Kudos, which gives you DOUBLE Party Points on all Party orders. This means that for every Party Point you earn, you get TWO points. Think of all the half-priced items you will receive with this generous offer!

DOUBLE the love during the month
of February with TWO Kudos!
CUSTOMER KUDOS: Glam Up Your Eyes, Lips, and Lashes

Make the Love It Bundle yours during the month of February for $50 US, $60 CA, $65 AU, $70 NZ, £39 UK. This exclusive bundle contains some of our most coveted products: Lovesick Lucrative Lip Gloss, Passionate Precision Eye Liner, and Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, all packaged inside a limited edition Younique Glam Bag. Limit one per order and available only while supplies last.

Available while supplies last between February 1, 2015 at 12:01 a.m. PT and February 28, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

HOSTESS KUDOS: Double The Party Points, Double The Half-priced Items

All month long, Party Hostesses will receive DOUBLE Party Points. Plain and simple. A Party that would normally have earned 500 Party Points, for example, will be credited with 1,000 Party Points. Same effort, double the points. Get ready to watch the points pile up with this special Hostess Kudos!

Offer lasts February 1, 2015 at 12:01 a.m. PT through February 28, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

If you are not wanting to Host a Party You can use this Link: https://www.youniqueproducts.com/JeanaWilliams/products  Just copy and paste it and share with all your friends and family. If the party is a qualifying party I will do a  give away, In a drawing of course, everyone that makes a purchase with the link will be entered in for a chance at a  Glam BAG with a few EXTRA Surprises!! The link is only good from 2/7/2015 till 2/17/2015 that only 10 days so SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!! Just to make sure you know what makes a Party qualifying is $100 that’s it. So Hope to hear from you and enjoy this Valentine’s Day!!

Before Pictures


I feel that I need to share some “Before” Pictures.  I have a few and I do not mind sharing them I have nothing to hide. It is however on the uncomfortable side then again it’s not. (does that make sense) Oh well, I found this great challenge for photos that I feel would be a great ADD to my posts during my Journey this 2015 to lose weight. I still have not bought a scale yet. I know I should, but right now I feel better just putting on a pair of jeans and them fitting less snug. I am not so drilled on the NUMBER. I am saving up to get a scale that works with a fibit or whatever they are called and works with my cell phone. So enough about all that lets  get to the pictures!! I know that’s what you are wanting to see.


    The first Two pictures were taken last year after the summer. I am not sure what the exact date was. The dress pictures were taken Yesterday 2/5/15. I will have a brand NEW before picture ready Every month on the 1st of the month. I will end each Month with a After picture. I think this will be a fun way to track progress through my Journey. I will do my best to wear the same clothes if possible or similar clothes to show progress. I will say that the black yoga pants int first two pictures can no longer be worn out side of home. The more I walk the more they walk down…lol and constantly pulling your pants up is a No go!! BUT a GOOD thing!!!

Do you want to go on the Journey with me, are you already on a Journey of your own? I would love to know!!  Do you have before or after pictures…would you share them like I have? Just some fun questions to help me get to know my readers better 🙂

Coffee Date

Well Hello, and Thank you for stopping by!

So Grab a seat and how do you like your coffee?  like the quote I found on Pinterest

“If my life was a Flavor,it would be coffee”


I thought it would be nice to just kick back and chat for a spell over some coffee. I know my activity has been basically Non-Existent on here and I promise I have tried to write to you. It just seems my motivation has disappeared  completely. I knew that it was bound to happen the signs were all there’s looming over me, taunting me, saying you are on the line of quitting today. Well ,HA!  I didn’t quiet. I have sat down with a cup of coffee and looked over everything and I can say what I had set out to do was great, but too much at once.

It’s like running you don’t just sit on the couch for years and then on a Tuesday jump up and run a 5k with out breaking an sweat. I tried to do this and now I am burned out and Granny just passed me up. So I need to evaluate what I want and make it where it works for me. I have my Blog, Business times 3, #365Beautiful, #100ofHappiness, daily life, job searching, kids, youtube channel, college, and Coffee. I need balance. I am not graceful  I am a Jumbled mess. So balance is something I need to work at Setting rules like I set at the start of the year and sticking to them.

I know, know you are a great friend and you are right I need to set times. If you are struggling with things like this you may want to try what I am going to try. Just like I set time aside for college and I have to time manage what I do and how I do it for a big paper that has to be done, I need to do the same for all other things. Daily life will keep going and moving there is really no way to stop it or schedule it all completely in. The other things like the blog and businesses I need to set a specific time that I will sit and focus and accomplish what needs to be done.

I have printed out some free daily planner pages to help me pencil in what I will be doing each day. From 8am till 2pm I need to manage all my time I possibly can. That way when the kids get home from school I have all my focus and time with them and I can learn how to shut off the work, work, work that keeps repeating it’s self in my brain.

How do you handle things? How do you organize or schedule things that have to be done? I would love to hear about your time management and please share all that you do or know!!